Run Holiday Raffle To Find Business

As the year winds down it is a good time to run your own holiday raffle or drawing. You will be out and about, meeting strangers, seeing friends, relatives and old acquaintances so it is a perfect way to break the ice about your business.

Using a holiday drawing makes it easier to network over the holidays!

Networking At The Mall

In this industry we are often told to ‘strike up a conversation’ in the grocery store or at the mall in the cooking tool aisle, the makeup aisle, candle department or whatever aisle sells your products!

That seems so ridiculous but we all try to do it!Holiday Raffle

Along with the raffle idea it is even included in our list of now more than 84 direct sales booking ideas!

How easy would it be if you had something to GIVE to that person perusing the cookware, makeup or candle selection?

Holiday Raffle Transition To Networking

You can give away old inventory or a holiday gift that relates to your product line or even the host benefits from an upcoming self-sponsored party.

Be creative when it comes to the prize…

  • If you sell baskets, how about a centerpiece made in one of your baskets.
  • Kitchen product companies should have an easy time setting up a gift basket of spices or holiday treats wrapped up inside a popular product.
  • Those who sell makeup may offer a makeup bag full of the most popular products.

Write out a couple of opening statements for a variety of scenarios: at the mall, at a holiday party, a business networking event, family gatherings, etc.

Practice them a bit so that they flow smoothly, then fix yourself up with plenty of catalogs, use old catalogs if you want and your prize drawing slips.

Make sure your prize drawing slip is not too complicated to fill out but does include a couple of check boxes about parties and making money.  A flier with a picture of your prize is optional.

Ideally get one of those little baby clip boards for the raffle forms and attach a pen to it with string  and you are ready to roll!

The Out And About Holiday Drawing

In the mall or the store aisle opening the conversation is sometimes the easiest part!

A simple compliment is usually the best way to go but in this case asking about the product on the shelf in front of you is good too.

You could ask the person standing beside you simple questions about quality, the scent, flavor or style… or even lack thereof!

I often find that humor works well! “Oh, yeah! Look at this one…” Anything to connect.

In any event if the conversation starts, the transition is often the hardest.

In this case a simple opener:

“Have you heard of MyFantasticCompany?

Let them answer then:

These (candles, pots, lip glosses) may be cheap but they don’t last like MyFantasticCompany – I am a distributor and love to check out the competition! As a matter of fact, I am having a holiday raffle of our most popular products! Would you like to win a XYZ?!”

Offer the opportunity to WIN a FREE gift to everyone you meet between now and the New Year!

Giving a gift over the holidays makes networking easier.

Follow up with ALL your leads when it is time to give your gift! I would award one really good gift and give EVERYONE else a small (under $2.00) gift. That gives you a good excuse to call them!

At the very least when offering the holiday raffle you will be more proactive and your networking skills will improve!

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