Host A Holiday VIP Party – Listen!

Our radio show last week focused on increasing sales after the holiday deadline to fill the income gap over the holidays!

Listen to guest Steve Wiltshire‘s technique for scheduling a holiday VIP party and using the holiday season to promote it.

Listen to the first set here and/or visit the radio page to check the broadcast times and listen to the full show (through 11/24/15).

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Host A Holiday VIP Party

January can be the best month of the year!! So can December or August or any month!

It is the mindset… any month can be the best month of the year.

Host your own holiday VIP party in January like Steve did, or between Christmas and the New Year the way Deb did it.

Whether you call it a holiday VIP party or a customer appreciation event the results are the same: cash flow, bookings, happy customers and maybe a new distributor too!

It is not how many people are coming but how many conversations you can have as you promote it.

How many people can you connect to?

Send a holiday card to everyone you want to invite with a picture of your family and an invitation to the party.

By doing this you will be a friend not a salesperson!

Even if they cannot come to your holiday VIP event you will get a window of opportunity to invite them to host their own party since they will miss the VIP party.

Listen to the full Cash Flow Show Radio to learn five more holiday sales tips!

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