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While on a personal day to another county in my area, I made a quick spur-of-the-moment stop at a library on my travel route and picked up a library card.

Not a card to take out books, but a card listing all the county libraries.

If you need more direct sales booking ideas then you should get a library card! The card had about 12 libraries listed with contact information.

I already present events in my own county with various libraries and was interested in expanding into another county.  The events are a public service and also a lead-generation system for my business.  All direct sellers can benefit from this source of free leads.

Library Workshops – Time Invested Paid Off

I am really impressed with the return on time invested.

Library WorkshopsI spent one afternoon calling all the libraries on the list. About 4 hours total time was my investment.

Those calls were received with terrific enthusiasm from the event planners.

One library actually scheduled an event on the first call. That alone was enough pay-off for my time invested, but read on.

I sent out hard copy information to 6 out of 12 of the calls. That is an exceptionally high rate of interest to the initial inquiry.
I also sent an email to everyone I called, even if I had left a phone message.

The following week, I made return calls to the libraries that I sent hard copy folders to.

Deduct Mileage By Stopping At Library

My initial reason for stopping into the library was to be able to deduct my personal mileage from my income taxes. I was out on a personal day visiting friends and just wanted to deduct my miles so stopped for the library card.

The result of this “whim” or should we say inspiration, is that I now have 3 new library “gigs” on my calendar through the end of the year.

I am also listed in the county library resource directory for special events. This is the county libraries’ guide to recommended library event providers.

Do Cold Calling For Library Workshops

Before you make your library workshop cold calls, set yourself up for success by planning.

This is what you need to cold call libraries:

  • Get a list of area libraries
  • Know your offer (topic of event, fund-raising, etc.) Read more about getting started in public speaking.
  • Write a script
  • Have a mailing piece (electronic and hard copy)
  • Schedule time for initial calls
  • Do the follow-up mailing (electronic and hard copy)
  • Schedule follow-up call time
  • Keep your calendar handy and be proactive in your conversation

The great part about calling libraries is that they answer their phones. I LOVE it!

Ask for the adult and/or children’s special event planner.

Share your services quickly, in under 10 seconds, and ask a question about their needs. The 10 second rule works nicely on all cold calling situations.

When you stay focused on service, you will get really good results.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call asking for a date from a library for a special event next March.  This library thing really works.

Home Party Plan Bookings Everywhere

If you do not have enough business, most likely you are not taking advantage of all the opportunities available to you.

I guarantee you that any “library workshops” will generate new clients for your business.

The people you meet at this type of event will be totally unrelated to your existing client base. The time invested in soliciting libraries will pay off. The people who attend library events will be your future party plan bookings.

Of course you can search online for library listings but then you can not deduct the mileage from your taxes!!


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Hey Norma – Whenever you do a speak you always get to tell your story – or bio… you go early, network as they arrive, tell your story in the bio portion, sprinkle a couple of hints within the presentation, offer a prize drawing at the end stay after and network.

    Go for friendship and to expand your circles and more will come.

    Read this article:

    The follow up after the initial call is dependent on the conversation but most likely the letter template is:

    Thank you for considering me for the next library workshop series. My topics are: 1, 2, 3

    I would love to work with you bringing _________ to the library members and I will be in touch ________ .

    This article includes some bullet points to use when creating a letter for fund-rasing template. Maybe that would be helpful:

    Shared by: Norma:

    Hi Deb!
    I would not ever have thought of Libraries as a resource for new customers or team members! One thing I am struggling with – well two actually – as I have a jewellery business, how could I incorporate that into a Library event? Also what do you send out to the prospects for an event after talking or booking?

    Many thanks!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    That is an excellent question Merilyn.

    You can teach anything that would have value to an audience…

    I personally usually teach healthy living and cooking, sometimes how to create more energy. The libraries have both adult and children’s educational events. One of the events I am doing at a local library this month for kids is tied in with a story book reading on a cookie story.

    Just talk about whatever your passions and interests are. It can also be an opportunity for the library to raise funds. This article talks more about using public speaking as a lead generation system:

    Shared by: Merilyn Strange:

    Hi Deb!
    I like your new picture!
    The Library idea intrigues me. Clarify for me: I don’t think you are planning a demo/presentation, so what exactly do you plan to do? Who is your audience -children or adults?
    I’m trying to relate this to my Avon biz either sales or Team building and I am a bit confused. Help!
    Thanks Deb

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