Hold Video Shows VS Catalog Shows

Believe it or not, this is an awesome way to do catalog shows!

Catalog shows are bonus income opportunities!

Hold video shows is #16 of 80+ creative direct sales booking ideas that works.

A video of your most popular items presented in a fun way with testimonials just like they would be shown at a live show is a fun way to schedule long distance home parties with friends or relatives.hold video shows

Many people will not shop out of a catalog or at least will not purchase as much as they would at a live show.

Many hostesses are uncomfortable passing the book around.

A video show, whether you keep your video online or actually create a DVD, is a fun way for people to host a show in a town that is too far away for you to attend.

Friends Come Over To The Hostess’ House

Unlike an online party or a traditional catalog show there is still a fun gathering when you host a video show.

Today fun and entertainment is a commodity, so suggest to some of your long distance friends or relatives that you come to their house and teach their friends some (of your product niche) tips via video. Everyone is looking for affordable entertainment and you are cheaper than dinner and a movie!

Create a couple of fun theme show ideas and a list of snacks, music, or attire that they may use to set the mood and start contacting your far-off friends.

Script – Plan Your Video Show

When you create your video make a plan ahead of time.

  • Do not just videotape a live show!

A live show will have too much noise, not enough detail and be entirely too long!  Ask yourself these questions to decide what to include in your video show:

  1. Which products do you want to show?
  2. What order you want to show them in?
  3. What will be your booking talk?
  4. What will you say about the business opportunity?

Script out each section in bullet points. Then get someone to help you make a decent video. A 30-minute presentation should be just about the right length. HAVE FUN!

Laugh and engage the guests even if you are not in the room!

It does not have to be perfect but should be of reasonably good quality.

Video Show Go Heavy On Recruiting

The fact that you live in Pennsylvania and they live in Louisiana (or whatever) is a great reason to encourage the partygoers to consider becoming a consultant!  Obviously there is a need for a consultant where they live.

Teach the host how to gather orders ahead of time and share the specials. It is also a nice touch to call during the show to answer any questions.

You could put your video in YouTube if you wanted but I like the idea of an actual DVD as everyone does not have a internet connected television in the living room.

If you do a great job on the video, you will be surprised at how long and far it travels!!

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