Host Coaching For Bookings

You do not need to play silly games when you learn how to host coach for bookings.

Hostess coaching should be a key component of your office time for both live parties and virtual parties.

Apply the 3 contact system of coaching your hostess to success coupled with a focus on these four things and you are guaranteed bookings!
Host Coaching For Bookings

Host coaching for bookings means focusing on:

  1. The Numbers – The more people at your party, the more likely you will have 2+ bookings. When you have a big crowd at the event it is always more fun! Coach your host to fill the room and tell her WHY!
  2. Diversity: A room full of people from all walks of life will always book more parties.  The event is more fun and fun is the biggest motivator for bookings. In addition, if everyone is in the same part of the host’s life, for example they work together or they are all in the neighborhood, then more than one will be reluctant to book a party because they would be inviting the same people.
  3. Fun: The fun factor is KEY! The biggest commodity in the 21st century…. no fun, no bookings! If you are not getting three or more bookings per party the first place to look is at the fun!
  4. Create Desire: This is your job! When the host fills the room with the numbers (say it: “Our goal is 16-21 in attendance!”) to include a wide variety of people, the rest is up to you.

Don’t forget that hostess coaching online parties is equally as important as coaching the live ones.

Once the numbers are there and the room has diversity it is your job to make sure they are having fun, and create desire for the products, opportunity and services. Do that and you will ALWAYS book three or more parties at each show.

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