How To Ask For Referrals – Tip #80

I just realized that it has been a couple of weeks since I elaborated on one of our many direct sales bookings tips….

Tip # 80 is to ask for referrals!

Referrals are basically warm leads, so learning how to ask for referrals is definitely worth the time.
How To Ask For Referrals
Nielsen has reported that 84% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends.

Referrals can be from customers, friends, family, other companies or service providers and even other direct sellers!

How To Ask For Referrals

Your customers’ friends are your best future customers!

When I was doing 20 home parties per month I had a self-inking stamp that I used on the back of my business cards and handed out at checkout.

It was pretty simple but it worked!

There are 4 things you can do that will increase your chances of actually getting referrals.

  1. Be proactive in asking for referrals and make it a habit.
  2. Ask for a referral or introduction that is specific.
  3. Write out a few scripts for yourself to use when asking for the referral.
  4. Make referrals yourself!

One of the reasons we often do not ask for a referral is because we may not be comfortable doing so.

When you take the time to script out a few sentences asking for referrals, then start using them, you will get better at asking. The more you ask the better you get and the more comfortable you will become!

Make Asking For Referrals A Program

Create a program for your referral marketing strategy. You will need an incentive and a promotional plan as well as a tracking technique.

What are your goals, incentives and results!?

Whether your referral program will focus online or off, it starts with a compelling reason to share you, your brand, products or services.

Successful offers are typically generous such as free goods, discounts, loyalty card credits, gift cards, and charitable donations.

Try different incentives and see which work best.

Promote your referral program throughout your party experience… Don’t wait until the show is closed to ask for a referral. Talking about it during the show or even during hostess coaching will generate more referrals.

Your referral program should be easy to share with friends both online and off! This could including email, personal URL, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Make sharing easy and they will share!

Once you have a plan and start practicing how to ask for a referral you will start getting referrals!


    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks, Samantha – appreciate your comments!

    Sometimes asking for referrals seems like it is a waste of time but the one that comes in makes it all worth while!

    Shared by: Samantha Meisenheimer:

    Deb, I’ve been learning from you for years. Thank you for the value that you bring to all of us! This is one of the most important tips and habits a direct seller needs to develop! Thank you!

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