How To Get Bookings When You Have None

On this Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio we talk about the mindset necessary to have a solid calendar in the first segment and during this set we discuss a technique to troubleshoot why and how to get bookings when you have none.

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How To Train Bookings
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How To Get Bookings When You Have None

This is a question we get often at the CFS!!

The short answer to the question of how to get bookings when you have none is to visit the Cash Flow Show blog, check out all the resources on how to get bookings for home parties, study and take action!

The long answer to the question is to first figure out why you have none then solve that problem.
Seriously, listen to the audio and read this article carefully then really think about why you do not have a full calendar.

You must solve the problem once and for all!

Why is it that you have no bookings?

  • Is it because everyone you asked said no?

If so, then my question to you is: how many have you asked?
Join The Club
Less than 20?
Well, then that is the problem! Get back at it!

Usually seasoned consultants can expect 1:10 to say yes, so you have not asked enough to get to yes!

In addition you have not asked enough people to develop the skills so that you achieve better results.

  • Is it because you don’t know who to ask?

If it is a lead generation problem – you just don’t know who to ask – then read these 3 articles:
100+ Ways To Find Bookings
The Bookings Tree
Sales Funnel For Leads

  • Have you asked over 20 people and they all said no?

Well then it sounds like your skills are lacking…

Read these:
The 10 Second Rule
Learn How To Get To Yes
Sprinkle To Create Desire
Get Them To Pick A Date

  • Or do you have the skills to get the bookings but no motivation?

You need to think very carefully about this question…

When someone asks me how to get bookings when they have none I usually think it is because they don’t know where to find them or who to ask.

What I have found though is that, most often, it is either a comfort zone issue or motivation issue, both of which are problems that need solved from within yourself.

If that is the case than I suggest these 2 articles:
Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone
The Free Version Of The Bookings University

So you can see that there is really no simple answer to how to get bookings when you have none!

Back to the short answer:
Take advantage of all the FREE resources (10 of which are linked above) on the Cash Flow Show website and TAKE ACTION!


    Shared by: Tammee Jackson:

    Thank you. I needed this. I have no bookings on my calendar.

    Shared by: kathy hill:

    great reminders TAKE ACTION!

    Shared by: Kathy Jenks:

    Great reminder that the money is in the numbers. You are right, if I am not getting results, I am not talking to enough people. Getting out of my comfort zone has been hard when it comes to picking up the phone so thanks for the reminder that I must get out of my comfort zone if I am going to make it in this profession. Read most of the articles but could not get to the “sales funnel for leads” which I probably really need to read since I am not doing to great at lead generation. I definitely need to be talking to more people.

    Shared by: LaShanta Magnusson:

    Great tips! I have made it my mission to keep myself accountable for not asking so now I wear a pin at parties that says if I don’t ask you to host a you get 5% off your order today!

    Shared by: Mandy Voyce:

    LOVE this!! I have read a number of the articles mentioned above and can see how many of them will help you get bookings! I know getting outside of my comfort zone is one I need to work on A LOT!!

    Shared by: Karla Jones:

    I had excuse after excuse why I didn’t have bookings. No excuses now…..

    Shared by: Joy Hampson:

    What I love about this article is that Deb doesn’t just rattle off a bunch of quick fix answers, but challenges you to take a hard look at you business to find the root of the problem. For me, I’m guilty of short-cutting the checkout processes and I need to sprinkle more!

    Shared by: Matthew:

    This is a great article to share with my team, I know a lot of new people to this business are not willing to step outside their comfort zone.. this will help heaps. Thanks Deb

    Shared by: Jessica:

    We share this article frequently on our team page! It’s such a crucial element to our business because without bookings there is NO BUSINESS!! Thanks Deb!

    Shared by: Rebekah Gienapp:

    Thanks for the reminder about asking at least 20 people! It’s so easy to get discouraged after a few no’s but essential that we keep asking.

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