The Just Ask Me Marketing Strategy

The ‘Just ask me for a brochure’ marketing technique works well anytime of the year but over the holidays it is especially effective!

This direct sales bookings tip does not need much explanation!

Nothing fancy, just a plain bag with your company logo and a handwritten message. Carry it everywhere you go!
Just Ask Me Bag

Idea and image provided by Lisa Wilbur, Avon.

The Just Ask Me Bag

Take one of your company’s bags and using a magic marker write on it “Just Ask Me For A MyFantasticCompany Brochure!”

Fill it up with mini-catalogs, full size catalogs and/or recruiting fliers and take it everywhere you go!

Whenever you are out and about just set it down next to you in waiting rooms, on the floor when at the deli or on the counter at stores.

When someone asks you for a brochure you just ask them: “Are you interested in products or the business opportunity?”

I love this one! So simple! Thank you, Lisa!


    Shared by: Tiffany:

    I love this idea!!! Thank you for sharing!

    Shared by: shannon:

    I like this idea. I am going to Michael’s or craft store to purchase of the picture bags.

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