Promote Kids Parties For Bookings!

Have you thought about promoting kids parties to get new bookings? (You are the entertainment!)

What kinds of skills or entertaining activities can you provide for kids?

Parents are always looking for unique and unusual ideas for kids’ birthday parties so as part of our continuing series on direct sales bookings, tip #27 is to offer yourself as an entertainer for kids’ parties

Kids Party Ideas

Think about your product line….

Can you teach or entertain kids?

  • Food or kitchen product distributors = Teach cooking to kids
  • Cosmetic consultants = Conduct makeup workshops
  • Clothing reps = Have a dress-up party
  • Picture or scrapbookers = Make an album or a gift for the holidays
  • Spa products = Manicure or aroma-themed event
  • Diet or vitamin sales = Healthy living game party

Almost any product line could be made into a children’s theme show!

Think outside the box!

Take some time to think about how you could serve children!

After you have your theme, think of a snappy title and a snappy subtitle to market it with.

Another article about getting started in public speaking may give you some ideas and help you come up with a title for your kids’ theme parties.

Kids Parties = Ideal Customer

A birthday party for young children has a lot of exposure with your ideal customers… MOMS!

You can conduct these parties in a variety of ways.

  • The hostess can conduct a catalog show and share your products with all the Moms after the event: In this scenario your catalogs are given to the kids or the Moms and the hostess follows up with recommendations based on the party theme. Often the children at the kids’ parties do the actual selling to their Moms.
  • The Moms could be a part of the party or theme: An example of this may be teaching the kids how to give a foot massage and the Moms’ feet are on the receiving end. Another example is teaching the children to make tea and cookies, then serving their Moms.
  • You charge a fee for your services: Generally, this would be used if the hostess does not want to have any literature distributed to the mothers of the children.
  • Mom & child show: An actual home party may also be conducted that focuses more on the parents for selling and the children for the theme. For example you send out Mother – Daughter/Son invitations and focus on a line of products that are specific to young kids.

Kids Birthday Party Entertainment

You may think that kids’ birthday party entertainment is a stretch, but for me personally it became a very strong branch on my party plan business tree.

To this day I still conduct (paid) birthday parties on a regular basis.

After you have your kids’ party theme and a snappy title and description, then start marketing it.

Share your ideas with your family, friends, at your parties, with other parents and in groups where your ideal customer hangs out!

Please Share An Idea In The Comments For Kids Parties!

What is your product line and how can you entertain kids with it? Please share!!

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