Plan A Ladies Night Out

When you plan a ladies’ night out at your church, club or synagogue you will find bookings for the future!

Tip number 99 on our ongoing list of direct sales booking ideas is to plan your own ladies’ night out, suggested by Carrie Douthit.

Listen to Carrie on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio explain how she planned a church ladies’ night out and how it worked for her.

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Plan A Ladies Night Out

At church Carrie, a Steeped Tea distributor, became aware of a regular ladies’ night out event and suggested to the organizers that they host a tea party for one of the upcoming nights.cARRIE

She donated samples of tea so that every table had 2-3 choices per person, making sure that each sample also included contact information for her business.

She also donated a tea basket as a door price and had catalogs, brochures and business cards on each table.

Of course she attended the event, was recognized during the door prize drawing and networked the room during and after the event.

The ladies’ night out tea party was such a big hit that the church plans to do the same again next year!

Carrie’s Business Results:

  • 4 dated bookings and one possible future booking
  • About 20 new contacts and potential new product users
  • A bigger relationship with the ladies of the church
  • 2 recruit leads

Think outside the box….

What can you offer to a ladies night out?

Share your ideas in the comments below!

I used to teach ladies groups how to increase their metabolism and always found new business. The 30 minute seminar that I created for this purpose “The Jack Rabbit Energy Workshop” became (and still is) one of my most popular presentations!

A ladies’ night out will expand your circle of influence and generate future bookings!

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