Booking Tip: Start A Layaway Christmas Club

We just added 2 more direct sales bookings tips to our ongoing list of ways to find business!

Now is the time to start a layaway Christmas club.

Start now with a plan and you are guaranteed a few more $1000 shows next December or January!

How To Start A Layaway Christmas Club

Start broadcasting your direct sales layaway club now – January, February and March – at all your shows.layaway christmas

The layaway Christmas parties will take place next December (or sometimes even after the holidays in January of next year) and there are 10 slots.

Save one for yourself just in case you have a last minute joiner for someone who wants to jump in as the party approaches.

Each participant will give you $10 a month for ten months. Make sure you have a good tracking system in place and that you keep that money separate from your other business accounting.

They each pay a layaway total of $100 and are expected to bring something to eat or drink.

Share your layaway Christmas Club now as a fun way to holiday shop!

Layaway Party Guest Perks

So what do they get?

  • They get to spend their $100.
  • They get the free guest special for that month (depending on your company but usually a $75 purchase will give them a guest special) and if the company does not provide one you can always create your own special.
  • You would also give them a special gift for participating. These could be products you earned for free, discontinued items or inventory you want to get rid of. I recommend $6 or less.
  • The layaway party participants can also share in the host benefits!
  • Holiday shopping (great value) – without putting out more cash!
  • FUN!!!

You can divvy up the party benefit package like you would at a Mystery Show.

You can also add other cool things from your stash for prize drawings so that there are as many prizes as participants – everyone wins!!

Be creative – what kinds of ideas do you have?

Share them in the comments at the bottom of this post!!

Your guests will love it and for sure it is a lot of fun!

When you start a layaway Christmas club be sure to think it through…

There are no rules! Just make the idea work for you!

The most important thing to keep in mind is to be diligent about your record keeping and to keep the money someplace totally separate from all the other money in your life.

You will find that some will ask:  “Isn’t January DOUBLE FREE? We could get an extra $43 right? Let’s do it in January instead!”

So now your layover Christmas club becomes a fill the January gap party!!

Don’t celebrate Christmas?

A layaway holiday club – any holiday – will work too!!!

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