A Lead Book For Networking

#47 on the growing list of direct sales bookings ideas is to run a weekly/monthly/quarterly prize drawing and invite people that you meet out and about to enter.

The perfect way to do this is to carry a little lead book specific to the purpose of gathering contact information.  This idea was developed by my friend Theresa Bernheisel.

Now you may think that you have a better or more high-tech way to gather information and record it, but when you offer a weekly drawing and have a book that is specific to gathering information, people will be more willing.

Theresa’s system of networking every where she goes using her custom-made lead book is something that any sales consultant can incorporate into her or his business.

The Lead Book

Theresa shared her lead book with me a few years back.

Lead BookI LOVE it!

Nothing fancy, but when you use it, your networking meet ups will realize that you are legitimately entering them in your weekly drawing!

Without it they may feel as though it is just a trick to get their info…

Theresa told me that she developed the book because she was tired of lost paper, paper here, paper there, notes and leads on napkins, etc.

She tried a purchased notebook, but it didn’t look professional and she had a tough time getting all the information she wanted from the lead when out and about.

Theresa’s lead book is purse-friendly in size, and it is organized so that the person you are talking to can just fill in the information that you need.

They may be a recruit lead, a potential host or maybe would like you to send a catalog but the “weekly/monthly/quarterly drawing” is a great way to close the deal and get the necessary follow up information.

Would you like to enter my weekly prize drawing for a FREE MyFanasticCompany product and then I can get the catalog in the mail for you when I get home?

The booklet has all the necessary follow up information and you have a cool tool to use to go for the close by offering them something without asking for their contact info!

Contact Theresa Bernheisel For Lead Book

Theresa Bernheisel is a direct sales professional who models integrity and understands that attitude is everything in direct sales.

I asked her recently if she still sells the little lead book and she said:

Yes, I do….
If anyone is interested, they can give me a call:
Or email me: theresab@ptd.net

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