Public Drawings For Lead Generation

The fish bowl concept is a lead generation system that works.

Everyone loves a contest and everyone wants to win!!

The Lead Generation System

Using public prize drawings as a lead generation system is something that a member of my sales team invented.

It is pretty simple and I am always amazed at how it works to bring in TONS of leads!

Ashley, the consultant who invented this lead generating system, used it to entirely fill her calendar when she first started in home parties. Since she shared it with me, I have used it and shared it with many team members who also had great results.

Ashley’s dad owned a key shop.

She made a cute poster and some prize drawing slips, then set them up on the counter in the shop. To her surprise, she had a steady supply of leads from customers who were more than happy to enter to win a FREE cooking lesson.

Direct Sales Contest = Lead Generator

fish bowl conceptBasically, the only thing you need to do is set out a fish bowl somewhere with a small poster and have a contest to win your direct sales products, opportunity or services.

It becomes a continuous lead generator!

Where To Fish For Sales Leads

You can put your fish bowl anywhere that you can get permission to offer your prize and gather sales leads.

When I put one in the YMCA I asked them ahead at the desk what they thought of the idea, then was redirected to someone with more authority and asked if I could do it.

They were more than happy with the idea when I suggested that I would give them a percent of each sales total for shows I scheduled. This is good when the organization has fund-raising needs.

At the bank I asked to be put on the list to get the “local business of the month” table. I did this a few times and had equal success at all of them.

If you have a friend who owns a business, ask her or him. Or maybe open the topic at your hair dresser, spa or nail salon, etc.

It really depends on your connection to the organization.

Your Prize

There are many things that you can offer from your direct sales company’s product line or services.

I would try different things and see what kind of results you get.  Carefully crafted statements will give people incentive to enter your contest.

$250 worth of jewelry sounds good and yet if it does not work you can try something else.


    Shared by: Gabriela:

    My leads generation system, at this moment, is my facebook account, but it isnt enough, of course. Now I am looking for new ideas, like host an event for mums in a place where their kids can play, while mums take a time for themselves.

    Shared by: Tanya:

    Hi, I go to local daycare centres, playgroups, etc and offer them ways to fundraise for new equipment etc for the centre. Plus I offer them some cot sheet sets for their baby rooms as a way of helping them for leads achieved from the fundraiser

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Good Tanya, FR are terrific because people will participate in FR who will not go to a home party so it is new leads! Thanks for sharing!

    Shared by: Elizabeth:

    Ooops… finishing my post: a chamber mega networking event to practice giving a 90 second commercial about my business. I also have a shelf of items for display at a coffee shop… I think I’ll use the fishbowl idea there!

    Shared by: Elizabeth:

    I go to local chamber of commerce free events and exchange business cards. Then I ask how we can collaborate. I have just begun this so I am looking forward to seeing how this works out. I am also going to a chamber “mega networking” event to practice giving a 90-second commercial for my business. Maybe I can find someone to display a fishbowl for me!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks for all your great input, Elizabeth…. I love everyones comments, BTW thank you for taking the time to write!!

    Shared by: Mary Wegner:

    I do a booth every summer at the County Fair. It brings in tons of people from all over the county and results in lots of new leads.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Cool, good for you! It is the system of lead generation that I attribute to being able to quit my job in 9 months. Congratulation, Mary!

    Shared by: Cathy Skelton:

    One of my fellow reps, purchases a $20-$25 gift certificate from the location in which she is placing the fish bowl. The drawing winner receives a prize from For Your Pleasure as well as a gift certificate from the coffee shop, hair salon, etc where the fish bowl was located. It gives the establishment some incentive, creating a you help me and I’ll help you relationship.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Great idea Cathy!! That is an awesome partnership! Thanks for sharing it.

    Shared by: Crystal:

    I have just started doing vendor shows have gotten great leads from them. I have 6 shows book from a show on Friday and a pending fundraiser! This was from a very small show with not much traffic.

    Shared by: Jolene Girard:

    Thank You for this great idea, ready to try it.

    Shared by: Greta A Douglas:

    I have started joining Meetups in my area which promote product sharing which not only generates leads but allows for me to build relationships.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Joining meet-ups are great and networking with other business people to swap leads is always productive. Most of them limit the competition too. If you are a home party jewelry company, chances are they will not allow another home party jewelry company into the group. Thanks, for sharing!

    Shared by: Gwen:

    I plan on offering a “Bling the Bride” drawing at a local bridal store. I will hold a drawing for getting one bridesmaid ensemble free!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      That sounds like a good one. When you get in good with bridal shops it is awesome!! Love it!

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