Mandy Voyce On Bookings

Last night on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio, Mandy Voyce of Norwex shared her tips on the hottest party plan topic on the planet: BOOKINGS!

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Mandy Voyce On Bookings

There are so many great blog posts on finding bookings that there is no reason a person could not find business when they put their mind to it.

The Cash Flow Show has an amazing list of direct sales booking ideas, with close to 100 different booking tips. I don’t know how you could ever run out of new leads!

The one that Mandy falls back on most often is customer service. Keep a customer rather than find a customer!

Mandy says: If you want a booking, take a look at the list, pick one item and concentrate on that option for a week, or a month.

Odds are by using any of these ideas you will be able to get the bookings you are looking for.

Ask for someone to book because of what is in it for them.
When you stop concentrating on yourself and the fact that you need a booking and keep the focus on what hosting a party will do for that person you will find that your calendar fills up sooner than you expect!!

Mandy Voyce has been a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant for 1 1/2 years.

She discovered Norwex while searching for a solution to her daughter’s ezcema. Now she loves sharing how everyone can save time, money and the environment by making the switch to Norwex!

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