Marketing Ideas: Why didn’t I think of that?!

Every sales rep is looking for new marketing ideas…

If you have read any articles about marketing, I know you’ve seen some outdated ideas such as, “Put your business card on your catalog and leave it in a waiting room” or “Slide your business card in with every bill you pay.”

Keep doing that if they work for you… but if they’re not, give some of my ideas a try and watch your sales take off!

Find Marketing Ideas Online

Search for an event-a-day calendar online and see which new marketing ideas speak to you!

They have listings for just about every day/week/month of the year such as “National Cheesecake Day” or “National Zoo Keepers Week.” Browse their listings and get creative! During “National Zoo Keepers Week”, I donated lunch to a conservation center and now they are hiring me to cater a 100+ person event!marketing ideas

Visit area apartment complexes and subdivisions. I approach several of them each holiday season and offer to set up a small vendor event in their clubhouse. See who you can partner with and plan a “Ladies Night Out” with a food, clothing, jewelry and/or make-up vendor. Each vendor gets to promote their business to an intimate group of ladies while helping those in attendance put together a new holiday look!

Are you free any day during the work week? Stop by businesses and offer to set up an office party! Arrange to pick a mystery hostess at the end of the event to encourage sales. No one has to clean their house, hide the kids, husbands or pets, nor worry about who will or won’t show up. This is the perfect way for them to break up an otherwise boring work day!

Do you love setting up at vendor events but often wonder if the vendor fee is worth it? Keep your eyes open for neighborhood or church rummage sales. Often they’ll let you set up for free, just to help drive business to their event!

School is starting soon so be sure to check out area school’s on-line calendars. Many will post their events such as festivals, fairs, etc. Call them to see if they are having vendors during that time and if so, ask if you can set up a table. Be sure to have a sign at your table that says you do fundraisers (if you do), and you may get leads.

Guest Blogger – Laurie Turner

I hope that you were able to find at least one idea that will help you rock your business! I’d love to hear your comments and feedback and what worked for you. I can be reached at

Laurie TurnerLaurie Turner is a Senior Team Manager with Kitcheneez, a woman-owned direct sales company based in Graham, NC. Kitcheneez produces small-batch spice and seasoning mixes that help people enjoy more meals at home.

You can see the entire product line at Use coupon code laurieturner to receive additional savings off each order!

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