Join Referral & Meetup Groups

There really ARE unlimited direct sales bookings out there! You just need to be willing to go out and get them!

One of the best ways to find new business is to network!

There are hundreds of business networking or Meetup groups that get together on a monthly or weekly basis and many of them are very near you!

Joining a offline business referral group is as simple as a quick Google search!

Just search for any of these keywords: business referral groups, business networking groups, meetup groups, networking groups, network groups, business networking group, meet up groups, women networking groups

Join A Meetup Group Near You!

Meetup GroupsNationally branded networking and referral groups include Business Networking International and Meetup Groups but a quick search will also find local groups in your area as well.

I especially like the Meetup Groups found at because there are recreational as well as business related groups to join.

After joining Meetup you can join as many groups as you want.

Set your search criteria and include the distance you are willing to travel.  You will find several groups near you in a variety of niches.

Join a Meetup group that is for business but also join some that are in your specific product niche.  There are Meetup groups for fashion, sports, games, outdoors, parenting, lifestyle… you name it.

By joining a few Meetup groups in your area you will meet new people of similar interest and expand your circle of influence!

  • Selling toys? Join the parenting group!
  • Selling cosmetics? Join the fashion and beauty group!

Most of the Meetup groups are totally FREE too! We all like FREE, right?!

Business Networking Groups

Most areas also have a variety of business networking groups.

These groups are systematic about referring business to their members.

You will often find that a business referral group may have strict rules as to how often you must attend as well as how many referrals you are expected to give a month.

Most often they do not take more than one member in each product group. So, if you sell cosmetics then chances are they will not allow another cosmetic direct seller to join.

Go Find A Referral Group To Join!

What are you waiting for?

Get going…. start a search and reach out!

Make some new friends!

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