Melanie Parker Of AU Shares Tip

Melanie Parker, the Australian party plan expert shares a tip in our Tips From The Top series.

Melanie Parker’s Tip from the Top

Your goal is to create a problem for your guest……
Melanie Parker

You want every guest to fall in love with so many products that they can’t afford to buy them all!

Put your products into your guests’ hands so that they fall in love with them!

While passing your products around the room, encourage them to find at least 3-4 products that they love!

In doing this you are actually creating a problem for them!

The problem?

Well of course they love the products so much that they want them all but most likely can’t afford to buy them all!

Which, of course, is exactly what we want!!

You have the  perfect solution to offer them:

  1. Say yes to the “Income Opportunity” so you own the whole kit as a consultant
  2. Say yes to hosting a party so that you can earn a FREE shopping spree!

By doing this we first create the desire for every guest to own your products and that  will in turn increase sales, bookings and even new recruits that join your company!

“NEVER EVER Run out of Bookings AGAIN!”

Melanie Parker
Founder of Party Plan 123 & Creator of ‘The Road Map to Party Plan Success’

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