Hold Multi-Host Party Monthly

A mult-host party (#94 on the list of direct sales booking ideas) will give you one more booking each month!

When you host a party on a certain day each month, say the 3rd Wednesday monthly, with 3-6 hostess all inviting guests you will have one really big show each month for sure!

Hold them at your home or at a public venue but put it on the calendar now and always be prepared with a multiple hostess party date!

Multi-Host Party = FUN!

Next time someone says “I can’t because my husband would not let me…” say:

You should host one of the tables at my monthly girls’ FUN Frenzy – it is a multi-host event for hostesses who can’t have a party at their home. I have one the 3rd Wednesday every month… More people more fun and no pressure because we have up to 6 hostess – how about it?

Multi-Host-PartyYou will always be prepared with a great option when someone says:

  • My house is too small
  • I do not have enough friends
  • I do not have time
  • I can’t because of the dog
  • I am new to the area
  • I don’t want to clean my house
  • Can’t with the kids

You have a way to totally eliminate the excuses!

A public location for this event, like a restaurant or bar party will also give you walk in attendance from the general public!

How To Plan Multiple Hostess Parties

It is so simple:

  1. Pick a regular date monthly.
  2. A theme might be nice too!
  3. A snappy title for your big day would be nice: Fun Frenzy!!
  4. Find a venue that will allow you to host up to 6 tables of 10 guests each.
  5. Make a plan for refreshments. Each host could give $8 toward beverages.
  6. Ask each host to bring a covered dish snack.
  7. Offer a prize for largest table, table decorations, or theme attire.
  8. Consider hiring a teenager for baby sitting.
  9. Host coach each host as usual.
  10. Have your hostesses arrive early.
  11. Teach the hostesses how to tally orders for her table.
  12. Have the hostesses greet their party guests.
  13. Do your presentation as normal.
  14. Calculate each hosts’ show sales and benefits before they leave the event.
  15. Encourage them to gather more orders in the next day or so to take them to the next level.
  16. Submit your party as one big show or as 3-6 small ones depending on the size and how the benefit packages work out.

Depending on the ‘table’ orders, it may be more beneficial to the hostesses to pool the benefits. Most likely they are all in close proximity to you so picking up the orders at your location should not be a problem!

A multiple hostess party works equally well as a multi-host virtual or Facebook party.

Once you get a routine down you will find that your multi-host party becomes a catch all for reluctant hosts both online and offline!

Share In The Comments YOUR Experiences With Multi-Host Parties, Please!


    Shared by: Christine Wilson:

    Another name for this is An extravaganza.This type of party has been very successful for me.We have moved quite a bit for my husbands job and haven’t done one in a year!Reading your post tho has Inspired me to start doing these again.Your training has been very inspiring to me , bringing back my flame for my passion for my business in new ways too, I soooo appreciate Sandi Parkey selecting you to do this training for us , it’s truly been a Blessing to me.Thank you Deb??

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks, Christine, PZ is a great group and I am having fun working with you all!!

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