Booking Tip: Pamper A Business Day

A day does not pass without a consultant asking me how to get bookings for home parties?

I can say from personal experience that bookings tip #61 on our list of direct sales booking ideas works well.

Pamper a business day will bring you new business, new customers and new consultants into your existing client base.

2 Ways: Pamper A Business Day

Even when it comes to your home party business, the old expression ‘there is no time like the present’ holds true. Don’t make the mistake that many sales reps make, and always be looking off into the future.

It is true that what you do now will affect your business the most three months down the road and yet there are certain things that you can do to generate instant income.

Holding a regular Pamper A Business Day is one of those things!

Pamper A Business Day (aka Secretary Appreciation Day) can be conducted using two different techniques:

  1. You stop by a business and give them/the boss goodie bags to give to the staff.
  2. You show up with complimentary cookies and lemonade/tea in appreciation for their professional services.

This works really well when you are able to connect with the boss. Helping her or him to provide a gift to the staff at no cost to the company or to the boss is always well received.

You can call your Pamper A Business Day what you want.

Don’t think that Pamper A Business Day is only for Pampered Chef or Perfectly Posh consultants!
pamper a business day
Any product line can pamper the local businesses!

The point is that you are providing a service to the boss to appreciate the employees.

Erika Apitz Brown, of Perfectly Posh shared her pampering a business day gift that is pictured on this page, saying:

I can say the bags are definitely received and perceived well by people receiving them and others.

Personally I like to cross sell and add that perceived value by adding complimentary businesses.

I added samples and business contact info for a Lindt chocolate consultant with my Posh samples.

It’s something a little different from the norm and who doesn’t like a chocolate treat?

Call the dentist, chiropractor, bank, doctors’ offices, hospitals or fitness center and tell them that it is Pamper the Staff Day/Month at MyFantasticCompany.

Create an appropriate theme based on your products, such as Coffee Break, A Mug of Appreciation, Sweet Tooth for Sweet Staff, etc.

Ask the office manager what time you should stop in with the trays or goodie bags. Put the gifts on real dishes and bring catalogs.  Ask if it is OK to leave the books and what time you should return to pick up the dishes and any orders.

Pampering Gets Easier With Practice!

The more you do the Pamper A Business Day the better you will get at it.

At first you may feel it is stepping out of your comfort zone but with time you will work out the bugs.

The beauty of the Pamper A Business Day is that you meet LOTS of new people who may develop into business partners, hostesses and customers.

At the very least you become an active part of the community. That alone will generate business in the future.


    Shared by: Belinda Yost:

    Excellent method to serve and fun! Very clear and doable suggestions for pampering local businesses, you will be getting out of your comfort zone, which means growing as a business person! Love these ideas!

    Shared by: Jackie Pannell:

    Great ideas!

    Shared by: Margaret, MargsWorld:

    I have never heard of this but this is a great idea.

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