Party Crasher Tickets “Bring A Guest”

Deb Bixler says: “Bring A Friend And Get A FREE Gift!”

What I (Jill Lynch) suggest is to use the party crasher ticket so that it is easier and more effective!

Party Crasher Tickets Increase Show Attendance

Transition Party
You’ve got a party coming up this weekend and you’re touching base with your hostess.

You ask the question – so how many people are coming on Friday night?

You might hear crickets, or you might hear something like, “I’m not sure” or “I didn’t hear from too many people so I don’t know.”
Party Crasher tickets
Sound familiar?

So many consultants are struggling with this and it begins with your hostess coaching!

A few hostess coaching tips:

  • Invite guests multiple ways – mailed invites, Facebook event, text message invite (Redstamp for iPhone) and phone calls
  • Ask hostess for her top 10 VIP friends that she wants to MAIL invites to – include 2 Party Crasher Tickets inside each invitation
  • Get her EXCITED! If she’s excited, she’ll be spreading the excitement to her friends
  • Give it a theme; it makes the party more appealing to attend
  • When you call the hostess to check in, try asking her for her head count in a different way – “So who are you excited to see on Friday night?” (she’s going to rattle off all their names!) It sounds less formal and more fun!

Party Crashers WANTED!

If you send out the invitations or even just get the top 10 names of your hostess’s best friends you can add the party crasher tickets in each envelope. Or just get the names/addresses of the hostess’s top 10 VIP friends, put 2 Party Crasher Tickets INSIDE the party invite envelope.

This encourages guests to bring friends (you can offer a gift, prize, etc.)  Like Deb says: “Bring a friend or an order and get a FREE gift!”

Coach your hostess on how to talk about the Party Crasher Tickets.

When she follows up with her 10 VIPs, tell her to ask that guest, “So who are the party crashers you’re bringing to the party?” not “Are you bringing anyone?”

Verbiage is key!

Once you are AT the party, recognize the Party Crashers, make them feel welcome and offer a small gift/token for being at the party!

Party Crashers WILL increase everything!  By having extra guests in attendance at every party, everything else will increase:

  • Sales
  • Bookings
  • Recruiting
  • Your commission
  • And the FUN!

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email for more info:

Jill Lynch is the founder of the Party Plan Secret.


    Shared by: Carole Brown:

    I love the party crusher invites and also asking her who she is excited about coming instead of how many do you have coming!! Plus I can mail invites to 10 of your favorite friends..

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