64 Show Tips For Party Plan Bookings

The easiest place to find home party plan bookings should be at the show itself.

Are you scheduling 3 or more new parties at each show?

There are over 100 lead generation techniques on our direct sales bookings list for finding parties OUTSIDE the party setting.

This post is about things that you can do or say AT the party to create desire and generate MORE party plan bookings from every event!

It is important for consultants to study their presentation techniques in order to become an expert party plan sales consultant.

Are you having trouble scheduling shows and getting bookings at your show?
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If so, then think about these three questions:

  • Are you having fun?
  • Are the guests having fun?
  • Are you focused on the needs of your guests?

If you can answer yes to all 3 of the above questions, then there is only one other area to look at….

You need to create more desire at your show!

You may also want to look at the guide on how to get bookings for home parties that indexes all the resources on this site regarding bookings.

When you have a FUN party and incorporate the ideas listed below within your demo then you will get 3+ bookings at every event!

Get Party Plan Bookings AT The Show

While there is quite a bit of overlap between this list and the one on direct sales booking ideas for outside the show, it is essential that you make a plan to share in a systematic fashion at least 20 of these tips within every party.

Some are sharing the many benefits of hosting, others are types of parties that will appeal to more people and others are actions or steps you can take to increase bookings.

  1. Have FUN! Be silly!!
  2. Overact… The more people in the room the more exaggerated your actions and movements should be!
  3. Use a lot of different adjectives!
  4. DON’T use the word BOOKING!! Instead say: invite me to your home, host a fun party, whose house will we meet at next, have a get together.
  5. Don’t say ‘will you do a show for me?’ instead say ‘may I do a show FOR YOU?’
  6. Use a paper calendar that looks REALLY busy and have it open and visible at all times to create urgency.
  7. BRIEFLY explain the host benefit package at the beginning of your show to plant the seed: ‘When you host a show of your own, you receive free products, half-priced items and really big discounts!’
  8. Talk about the host half-priced items or combinations during the presentation. Example: ‘Hosts have the opportunity to buy all 3 XYZs for only $29!’
  9. Talk about the host special items by linking it to a product. Example: ‘Tonight Sally Hostess can buy the xxxx 60% off!’
  10. Talk about COLLECTIONS to create desire for your booking opportunity.
  11. Mention that past hosts get a 10% discount for a year or a discount at the next show or whatever it is that they get as a past host.
  12. Treat your host really well. Compliment her often and in front of the guests. Say thank you to her at the beginning and end of every show.
  13. Practice good personal hygiene. Visibly and deliberately wash your hands before the presentation, and again during the show if you touch something inappropriate. (face, floor, dog, hair, etc.) NOTE: This is not just for foodies! Many consultants do not realize how often they touch their faces or hair! This affects bookings!
  14. Talk about the higher priced items which you do not have with you and link them to the benefits of hosting a show: ‘On page 27 you will see the XYZ – this is an awesome benefit of hosting a show…. my last host got three!’
  15. Mention that you do pet home parties.
  16. Tell them you do guys only parties for holiday gift giving.
  17. Put these stickers on all your catalogs; front, back, insidehome party catalog
  18. Take your kids to work! Cute kids increase bookings so take your children with you to parties!!
  19. Tell the audience about your fundraising service.
  20. Proactively offer catalog events.
  21. Point out how much fun we are having. When everyone laughs at something, lean forward and say: ‘Isn’t this fun?!’
  22. Create desire for expensive products. Talk about the most expensive popular products at the beginning, middle and end of the show.
  23. Mention that you love Facebook parties too.
  24. Talk about theme shows and what fun they are.
  25. Establish urgency by offering theme shows for a limited time or a new one each month.
  26. Ask for testimonials from the audience on the higher priced items to create desire.
  27. Offer a gift for referrals.
  28. Tell them how you can help plan a bridal party.
  29. Play the dice game.party plan booking tips
  30. Play the book it to look envelope game.
  31. Use the progressive party concept to generate interest in slow months.
  32. Mention that you LOVE daytime parties.
  33. Offer to bring your teenage child for baby/toddler sitting during your event.
  34. Ask past hosts to tell the group what they got in their benefit package when they hosted a show.
  35. Run a blue light special.
  36. Mention your business gift-giving services for professionals.
  37. Offer a layaway club for the holiday bookings
  38. Use the ‘pay the date’ concept
  39. Toward the end of the show point out the host benefit flier with a focus on the top tier benefits: ‘You may notice at the $1000 show hostesses get $215 FREE – I have two or three $1000 shows every month and would love to do one with you!’
  40. Thank all the guests for coming. Smile a lot!Party Plan Bookings
  41. Have FUN. Do not take yourself too seriously.
  42. Do a prize drawing AT THE END OF THE SHOW. Tell them to fill it out completely.
  43. Tell them to check maybe or yes for more information about hosting a show. ‘I encourage you to check yes….’
  44. Practice the secret technique of how to get to yes every time you ask.
  45. Tell them you provide entertainment for kids’ events, community centers or assisted living facilities, businesses or other organizations.
  46. Tell them that you do business luncheon parties.
  47. Check the prize drawing slips before adding up the orders.
  48. Ask everyone who said yes or maybe when they would like to host their show.
  49. Become a friend to everyone in the room. People do not invite strangers over to their house.
  50. Use peoples’ names during the presentation: ‘Right, Sally?!’
  51. Put the products in their hands. Pass them around!
  52. Stop saying ‘do you want to pick a date?’. Instead, ask the questions that give you the answers you want; such as ‘What day of the week works best for you?’ or ‘Does next month work?’
  53. Ask a lot of questions during your demo then expect and wait for an answer!
  54. If they say ‘call me’ then say – ‘No that is OK, I prefer to host with those who are excited about having a party. When you are ready just give me a call.’
  55. As they walk away after saying no or call me say: ‘If you change your mind and pick a date before we close the show then Sally Hostess gets extra credit.’
  56. Don’t play boring games!!! If you are playing games and not getting bookings, then most likely the game is the problem!
  57. Brag the most common objections during the party! ‘I never saw a house yet that was too small for a fun party!’
  58. Offer a special reward for a WOW party – within one week!
  59. Do NOT ask everyone to host a party at check out!! Only ask those who gave you a clue, a window of opportunity or expressed interest using a red flag question or statement!
  60. Tell them that you do teachers’ after school parties.
  61. Say that you reserve January (or any slow or problematic month) ONLY for past hosts. Scarcity makes them want it and you can always make an exception to the rule!
  62. Use your party like the shop window and only display a few products. Offer to bring what they ask for to the next party at their house!
  63. Use short live stream Facebook videos within your virtual parties to create desire for party plan bookings both online and off
  64. Always acknowledge the late arriving guests. Thank them for coming and make them feel welcome and 9/10 times they WILL book a show! (Thank you, Janice Cherlet for sharing this on the CFS Radio.)

Party Plan Booking Tips

When you incorporate at least 20 of these home party plan booking tips into every party you will create the desire in your audience to invite you to their home and actually get the date on the calendar!

Pick out 20 of the above 64 items, make a plan, script it out and incorporate it into your show at a specific point.

Take your scripted line and actually link it to a specific product or moment in your show.

When you add these points one at a time, sprinkle them in a conversational manner within the party, then practice until it becomes a routine, you will start to schedule more parties at every party.

Becoming an expert at scheduling parties takes planning, skill and commitment to growth.

Need More Info?

Most of the ideas above are discussed elsewhere on the blog so if you want more information do a search using the search feature (PC: right side | Mobile: Footer) to get more knowledge.

Take the time to plan how you will put more party plan bookings on your calendar and it will pay off in your commission check in the future!

So, there you have it… 64 party plan bookings tips to use at your party! Come back again because I am sure we will be adding to the list!!

Please Add Your Ideas In The Comments Too!


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