Have An Effective Prize Drawing

Most home party plan consultants have a prize drawing at their home show.

Consider this:
Is the drawing event a success?
Does it accomplish what you want it to?

Effective Prize Drawing = More Leads

The purpose of your drawing is to get leads.

Whether it is at a fair or vendor event or part of your party plan presentation, the result that you are looking for is leads.

An effective drawing gives you leads and a course of action with permission to follow up.

Keep The Prize Drawing Slip Simple

A prize drawing slip is a lead generation tool. Keep it simple for the best results!

how to have an Effective Prize Drawing

Use a check box so that your guests can quickly fill it out. Give them the choice of yes, no or maybe in that order.

When you use the maybe option, you will get a lot of maybes as opposed to no. This gives you permission to follow up.

Don’t ask for too much information. Name, phone and email is adequate.

KISS – Keep it simple!

Conduct your drawing at the end of your show so that the guests have had a chance to “like” you.

Effective Prize DrawingDoor prizes and drawings at the beginning of the event are not effective for gathering leads because you have not developed a relationship yet.

Likewise, do not hand out the drawing slip until they have had a chance to have fun and bond!

People do not invite strangers over to their house!

If you give the slip out in the beginning they will fill it out immediately so, wait until you are a friend!

I used to keep the prize drawing slips in a little pocket in the back of the show binder that I handed out to each guest. Rarely did someone find it before I directed them to it.

After the fun and festivities they will be more likely to check YES!

Do not use a raffle ticket as it does not give you any information about your guest.

Keep your questions simple too!

  • Would you like to host a show?
  • Do you know an organization that needs to raise money?
  • Would you like to create some additional income in your home?
  • Would you like some free products?

Write your own questions based on the focus of your business.

When you keep your party plan drawing slip simple and ask the question that give you the information that you want, your drawing will be an effective lead generation tool that gives you permission to follow up.


    Shared by: Aimee Adams:

    So when you say you never give the drawing when all there answers are nos….Well what if that is the one you pull…. do you say~ oh no sorry I don’t give prizes to people who have no interest in the company? Or do you the drawing after the show as a reason for follow up? I usually use my small $1 prizes for my drawings do you think I should give a more prominent incentive to get more information from them~ Would a drawing like buy one item and get your favorite item (since I ask them what their favorite item is on my surveys) at 25%off tonight! Any thoughts?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Actually, Aimee…. when I answered Elizabeth’s question above I was thinking in my brain that they were a no from a fair or expo. So, I guess I need to re-clarify that….

      • At the home party I give who ever I draw the prize and I use my opportunity gift bag for that prize.
      • At a vendor event I never give the prize to someone who said no.
    Shared by: Bridget Heckman:

    It certainly makes sense about no drawings at beginning; unless you have built a relationship, the attendee really is not interested. Give them something of value, (including your undivided attention, we need to make our customers feel special in today’s world!)

    Shared by: Awnya Boam:

    This is perfect! Thanks for breaking it down for me. I love the KISS too. I tend to over complicate things 🙂

    Shared by: Elizabeth:

    I am wondering if you give “equal opportunity” to the drawing slips. I know someone who, if the person checks “no” on everything, does not choose them to win the prize even though their name was drawn. Also, in your opinion, is it better to offer products rather than a gift certificate? Or does it depend on the business?

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Two good questions…

      • I never give a winner to a no!!
      • I go with the flow but usually product.

      If someone says “oh… I love the such and such, or I wish I had one…” then I say: “Would you like to win one?” Generally go with product of choice at a vendor event.

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