“Pay The Date” & Fill Your Calendar

The 4th Wednesday of every month our topic on the Cash Flow Show Radio is always about getting bookings.

Our most recent show featured 2 party plan consultants and their techniques to generate more bookings at every party.

The recording below is the second set of the broadcast with Shannon Machen.

The “pay-the-date” booking technique is great for getting show dates early in the month so it is front loaded or on a date that is left open unexpectedly by a cancellation.

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Shannon Machen, with Tasteful Treasures, has been in direct sales for over 12 years!  She has used her party plan business to transition into a full-time party plan consultant!

Pay The Date Booking Technique

Pay The DateThe pay-the-date booking incentive creates a sense of urgency with a hostess to get a coveted product at a greatly reduced price at the same time they fill gaps in your calendar.

Normally you would offer a product that everyone wants or is not available for purchase at the price of the date that the guest picks for her party.

Make a plan and think it through.

In a nutshell:

You pick a product and set your own minimums regarding required sales to be eligible, then offer the gift on certain dates for the new hostess to buy the product for the price of the party date.

If you are offering a $45 item are you willing to sell it for $1, $2, or $3 when the hostess picks the date of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of the month?

“This is my pay-as-you-go item next month! Date your party anytime before the 11th of March and this is yours for the price of the date!”

You could be offering your incentive for only one single date that you want filled or for a series like I did above.

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