Carry A Photo Tote Bag Not A Purse!

A photo tote bag is a great way to get home party plan bookings!!

Using a photo tote bag instead of a purse is the most recent addition to the list of direct sales bookings ideas.

I am not sure why this booking tip never got on the list before because my company actually gave us a branded brag bag at conference and it generated quite a few leads for me!

Get Bookings With Photo Tote Bag

The images included here should give you a pretty good idea of the value of using a photo brag bag instead of a regular purse and they are just as beautiful as an expensive handbag!
Your photo tote bag can be simple or fancy as long as it is effective in creating curiosity for your business!

The brag bags pictured on this page are provided and made by Ashley Quinn of Quinnley Designs.

Many of Ashley’s products are specifically made for direct sellers. She also customizes products to your specifications!

What To Put In Brag Bag

Your photo bag should include literature that is easy to read from a distance and brightly colored images that grab people’s attention.

You could also have booking benefits, recruiting info, samples, monthly specials, catalogs, tip cards, newsletters, a call to action…

A “Just Ask Me” image or box that gives people permission to interrupt you will help too!photo-brag-bag

  • Ask For Sample!
  • Get FREE Products! Ask How!
  • Earn Income! Ask Me How!

Think about what you want to get questions about and make sure that you have a billboard that generates those types of inquiries!

Of course inside you also want to have everything it takes to close the deal and you will always get contact info when handing out freebies! Right?!

Don’t overthink it!

You can buy inexpensive photo tote bags on Amazon.

It is simple to modify as you go along. If you are not getting the results you want, then switch a few things out!

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