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I have been asked many times for a press release template. You can actually Google ‘press release template’ and find many templates that can work for any business.

A press release (bookings tip # 18) is a great way to find bookings and new business but it must be newsworthy.

Press Release Topics

Many people send out a release on silly things and expect to get publicity.

If you want your release to be picked up by legitimate media either online or off, then make sure you have some news that is unique, interesting, controversial or about a famous person.

You could write a press release on:

  • An award or recognition you received
  • A major milestone you accomplished in your company
  • A famous leader or founder of your company coming to your town
  • New products or alliances
  • Publishing of a book
  • A successful fund-raising event you held
  • Etc.

A press release is supposed to be non-biased, not promotional in nature.

A Template Press Releases

Below you can print or download an effective template to use for your direct sales business press releases. It includes a sample layout and the important details that follow.
write press release

Headline Is Less Than 80 Characters

Write a brief summary of the news that you want covered. This should be written like a paragraph, not like a title (regular capitalization) and be about 4 sentences long.

Your City, State,  Month —

Make sure that your first sentence covers the most important information in less than 20 or 30 words. You must grab the attention of your audience by summarizing the full press release in this statement.

Write your first sentence as if they have not read the headline. Include your keywords and company name followed by website. Reinforce your location as well.

Your first and last paragraph should tell the whole story.

Keep your paragraphs short with 4-5 sentences. The total release should read like a story that tells the whole story in the open and in the close and expands on it in between.

Answer who, what, when, where, why and how in the first few paragraphs.

Sometimes your press release will be used word for word, but more often it will be used in pieces or rewritten.
press release templateThe total press release should be about 800 words and of course spell-checked and proofed by a third party before sending!

Use The Press Release Template

When writing a press release it is easiest to write the main part of the story first, then the headline and summary last. This ensures that you cover the story properly in the body.  The main body of the article should cover all the facts and the headline and summary are exactly that, a lead-in.

The body of the news release contains details of your news. It could include quotes from customers or experts or yourself. It is the details of the news that you are sharing.

It covers the whole story!

It also includes your Web site address. Always write it like this:

Do Not Promote!

Do not use the words “I, we, you” because those are a red flag to the press that you are promoting something!  Other than the website, there should be no contact info within the press release itself.

At the end of your press release include:
For additional information contact Mary Smith or visit

Then: “About Mary Smith’s Direct Sales Business”:  Write a short bio of only a couple sentences, then include your phone number and email.

If they do not use your release you will not get business, so take the time to learn how to write a press release and submit one monthly to your local and online news sources. Your releases will get picked up and will add new bookings to your business!

Share Your Press Release

Have you been featured? Share your press release link or information in the comment section below!


    Shared by: Donna Woolam:

    I will be working locally. I agree that it’s a good way to build your business. THANKS as always YOU ROCK!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    That is an excellent question, Donna – It depends on your goals. If it is to get local party business, then send it to all your local and not so local newspapers.

    It is easy to research those online and then find the email where they accept press releases.

    Online press releases are a whole different story. There are global and national release sites that syndicate to all the papers. Some require payment and others do not. The more you pay the better they work. The free pr sites are really not very effective at all. Online sites have a benefit of building some links into your site so better sites mean better links.

    I guess I was thinking that when I wrote this most of the Cash Flow Show readers were looking for party business locally. I have had great results submitting to local papers and they always publish the news online as well.

    As an example, this press release was in the local paper and also posted permanently online:

    When they are posted online it also gives you great opportunities to share it in social sites too.

    Shared by: Donna Woolam:

    My question: how do you know where to send the Press Release?

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