Plan A Progressive Party To Fill A Slow Month

A progressive party in the world of entertaining is an evening of food and socializing where you move from one house to the next for each course.

For example, at the first home the hostess provides cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, then the next home serves appetizers and wine followed by a move to another house for main courses finishing at a fourth home for dessert and coffee at the last destination.

What Is A Home Party Treasure Chest?

A progressive party in the party plan industry is a booking tool.

It is a treasure chest that progresses from one home party to the next getting filled with treasures.

The same chest then progresses from party to party and hostesses get to remove the treasure of their choice.

How To Make A Progressive Party Chest

Pick a month off in the future that is especially hard to fill. It could be August, December or any other month that has performed poorly for you in the past.

Determine the number of parties you would like to perform during that troublesome month then write a schedule on your calendar for the days you want to present events being sure to front load your month.

Create a treasure chest then put a couple of special hostess gifts in it. Be creative here but don’t make it too heavy! A decorated cardboard box that looks like a treasure chest would be good.

Then at each party you host add another gift to the chest with great fanfare.

As you fill the chest at your parties, explain that when your schedule for the selected month is totally filled the hostesses of that month will empty the chest by picking their choice of a bonus gift(s) out of the progressive party treasure chest at each show.

Make sure you put coveted items in your treasure chest!!

Obviously the first show of the month gets the best pick and therefore will encourage early month dates.

As the month fills up continue to add gifts to the box until your calendar is full. I recommend that you plan for cancellations by overbooking!

You will have more gifts in the treasure chest than party dates since you may have some shows go by where no one books your progressive party month. This will ensure that hostesses during the progressive party all get a great selection.
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As an added incentive at the end of the month you could put the name of each progressive party hostess into a drawing for the balance of the gifts in the box!

The progressive treasure chest progresses with you to every party as the loot grows bigger and bigger then again during the selected month as each host picks their treasure.

This will become so popular with your guests and hosts that people will start to ask about your next progressive party chest month!

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