Use Promo Pens To Market Bookings

Businesses that use promotional pens to market their business are engaged in passive marketing.

Yesterday, when making my shopping list – I realized that I had a pen in my hand for a store that I wanted to stop at but had not included on the list!
Customized pens with a marketing message become a subtle reminder and they DO work.

Promo Pens For Bookings

Promo pens will bring you bookings! We even added it to our list of close to 100 ways to find bookings!

These images were made using the Zazzle custom promotional pen tool builder in a couple of minutes.

As a give-away in the on time drawing, recruiting gift bags or the end of show raffle the pens will keep on working for you long after the show!

With a bit more time and thought it is easy to create a reminder that will stay with your customers long term. (Nobody throws pens away!)

Understandably, a pen is a bigger investment than a business card and yet the shelf life of a promo pen is a LOT longer than a business card which basically is just trash!

You may not want to hand them out to everyone but an investment of a couple hundred pens for VIPs will go a long way!

Use them for those who really do want to host a party but now is just not the right time.  You can even tell them upfront that you are stingy with your pens and they are getting one because they are serious about having a party in the future.

This simple gesture will cause the law of reciprocity to kick in and they WILL surely book that party!

When you tell people that you only give out the customized promotional pen to special people – they will feel special and return that compliment by hosting that show!


I have seen personalized pens for sale online for as little as 8 cents and up to $5 depending on the company and pen quality. Most local copy stores will create custom promo pens for you and may have physical samples to look at.

The more you buy the cheaper they are. Sometimes buying 200 is actually pennies more than buying 100 so do your research and find a vendor that works for you!


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