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Promote your business with bookmarks, magnets or other tangible give-away items.

(#93 on the list of creative direct sales bookings techniques.)

Marketing with bookmarks is by far more affordable and more beneficial than the magnet!

The real advantage to this type of promotion is the long shelf life of a bookmark and the ability to get it into hundreds of homes!

Promote With Bookmarks

A direct seller is not an island!bookmark-marketing200

All businesses must be part of a greater community to achieve long term success.  One way to become more involved in your town is to donate to not-for-profit groups.

Promotional bookmarks can be given out by the hundreds to your local library or community organizations as gifts that will make you a big part of the community.

I made this bookmark on Vista Print in about 20 minutes by uploading my brochure image into their template creator and adding a bit of text top and bottom.

I will be the first to admit it is not print worthy.

I would certainly have a more professional image created before ordering but the fact is that 250 bookmarks delivered to your door is less than $100!!!

Marketing With Bookmarks

Donate bookmarks to local libraries, clubs, schools, churches… any place that uses books!

Imagine your name in every household!

Make a routine of reaching out to different organizations regularly – in person.

Just stop in and offer your idea then find out what they would like printed on the back. It may help if you have a sample of what will be marketing message that you plan to use with you so that they can see the quality and the message!

A growing business could easily afford to invest $100 every quarter or bi-annually in a bookmark marketing campaign.

I am sure that your local print shop could take this project from beginning to end and be as affordable as those available online. Once you have your side complete it would be easy to make more with a new reverse side for different organizations.

Growing a business means using all resources available to you – so promote with bookmarks and reap the benefits!

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