Run For Public Office For Leads!

Imagine all the bookings you would get if you decided to run for public office!

Direct sales bookings tip #20 is to run for public office in your community.  What better way could there be to increase your circle of influence!

Just recently I saw an article stating that my local township was looking for someone to run for the office of tax collector.

My guess is that who ever decides to go for it would win. (I can not imagine there is much competition for some of these small offices!)

So, be sure you are ready to take the position!

How Do I Run For Public Office?

Most likely you are thinking at the moment, how on earth do I run for public office?

Actually, I am not sure what is involved in running for an office that is voted on….

At one point I got myself appointed to the Recycling Committee of my township.  It was pretty simple, actually!

I just said I was interested in what the committee does and the next thing I knew I was not only on the committee but was the VP as well!

While it did not immediately increase my bookings it did greatly increase my exposure in the community.

Run For Public OfficeI became acquainted with new people, new organizations and neighborhoods in my town.

As a result of the increase in name recognition and exposure to lots of people totally unrelated to my client base I was able to developed relationships, get bookings (and recruits) as a result of my position.

Lisa Wilber, Avon Rep Ran For Public Office

Lisa Wilber has run for office in the state of New Hampshire 7 years in a row!

A quote from Lisa:

Relentless self-promotion is what it takes for business success: You can be a success at anything if enough people know who you are and what you do!

While I am not sure how she made out as a candidate I do know her Avon business is thriving!

Every technique you use to meet new people will contribute to your ability to build a solid home party business!

Whether you run for public office or volunteer for a government service committee it will increase your bookings down the road.


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