Target School Fundraising

Any effort you spend seeking out school fundraising opportunities will pay off big time!

While they may take a bit more work than some of our other direct sales bookings tips, this one will continue to generate massive repeat sales and bookings year after year!

Small Groups For School Fundraising

When looking for school fundraising parties most consultants make the mistake of approaching the PTO or the main office of the school.

Instead, go after the small groups like the ski club, band boosters, cheerleaders or marching band, math department….

Think about those you know in the schools and seek them out.

Find a connection that can hook you up with some of the smaller groups.

Once you get one or two then they will lead to others! (News of a great fundraiser spreads fast!)

Every school club needs to find good fundraisers and your product will sell better than some crummy wrapping paper!!

Good Reasons To Market To School Fundraisers

Create a big impact habit type marketing plan to generate these events.

Something simple like reaching out to a school connection every day or every other day will add up!

There are a few really good reasons why you should take the time to create a system of consistently reaching out to schools:

  1. There are LOTS of schools!
  2. Each school has LOTS of clubs!
  3. School fundraising parties will be your highest shows every year!
  4. Have a good fundraiser this year and they will have one every year!
  5. People will support a fundraiser who will not come to a home party!
  6. You will meet LOTS of people who will book home shows!

Learn how to host coach for a great fundraiser party so that they will repeat every year!

Coach the organizer on how to have a good fundraiser!


    Shared by: Mary Full:

    I love this info you have shared with us. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas. I sell 31 bags and am looking for new customers and a data base for scrapbooking retreats which are located throughout Virginia, North Carolina, Myrtle Beach SC, Ocean City MD, Harrisburg PA, where I host my 31 bags.

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