Direct Selling Speaker Of The Year 2011

The DSWA honored me as the direct selling speaker of the year.

This is the entire program as presented at the DSWA direct sales training event held in the Spring of 2011.

Direct Selling Speaker Of The Year!

The corporate executives, field consultants and vendors in attendance at Celebration gave a standing ovation.

Thank you everyone who has made this award possible and thank you to the DSWA for the recognition.

This presentation program is a system to make better use of vendor events and to bring home qualified leads from each expo.
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When you incorporate lead generation systems such as vendor fairs and expos, you will always have a solid direct sales business.


    Shared by: Brian Hurlburt:

    Deb, I’m sharing this with My Team, because I know from personal experience if they use the information in this Video they will double their Results over the next 12 Months! These are the techniques I use, and they will work for anyone that uses them!

    Shared by: cathy lamirande:

    Thank you for sharing this portion with us. I am always so glad when I watch or listen to you because I always learn something that is of value to growing my business and becoming better at direct sales. You keep it real and informative and I want to thank you for that.

    Shared by: vicky saffrahn:

    I am not understanding what is it you share for the 10 seconds…is it your business…not sure what you mean about this…could you give me an example of the share portion…i understand the ask another questions. Thanks

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Sure, Vicki – Actually the 10 second rule is something you should apply to your business/life all the time.

      If you always make it a point to share for less than 10 seconds and end with a question you will never talk to much and keep the focus on them rather on you.

      Direct Sellers have a tendency to talk too much.

      At a vendor event instead of flooding them with information, just have a conversation about anything and always end in a question.

      Like this:
      YOU: Are you familiar with MyFantasticCompany?

      They pause and say yes!

      YOU: Cool, what is your favorite product?

      I don’t really have any but know some one who does these shows.

      YOU: Oh, my shows are so much fun! Did you ever go to one of hers?

      I did once a long time ago, but do not even remember if I bought anything, It was fun.

      YOU: Glad you had fun, would you like to enter our prize drawing?

      Then as she fills it out, keep taking in little 10 second increments. Do your best to keep it short. If you always ask questions, then sprinkle information that creates desire, most likely they will give you a window to offer them something.

      It is almost like they give you permission rather then you pushing it on them. You are there to sort them out not to convince everyone.

    Shared by: Jenn Monterrozo:

    Thank Deb! That just made my day!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks, Jenn! Good students always learn more than poor students! I know that sounds ridiculous and yet when I teach nutrition at the culinary college I see it all the time. A class of predominately good students allows me to be a better teacher! Congratulations for being a great student, Jenn!

    Shared by: Jenn Monterrozo:

    Thanks for sharing this video. I always learn so much from you!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks, Jan!

    Shared by: Jan Wheeler:

    Congratulations Deb!! What a wonderful and well deserved award from the DSWA. You showed your ‘stuff’ very well in the entertaining address at the convention and I know for a fact that your tapes and system programs DO work. Keep up the good and helpful work you do.

    Shared by: Caroline Vladianu:

    Hi Deb, I was at the DSWA convention in Dallas and really enjoyed your talk. I’m very practicle and I loved that your teaching is also. I took away many great tips and used them at the next vendor event I went to. I just downloaded “the whole shebang” and can’t wait to get more great info to build my business even bigger!

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      Thanks Caroline and Michael! I appreciate you taking the time to say so!

    Shared by: Michael Volchok:

    Just wanted to say how grateful my wife and I were that you took the time to answer so many of our questions about home parties…you took away all the fear and left behind inspiration. We would recommend your consulting services to anyone who really wants to get grounded, for real, in this space. Wishing you the best,

    Michael Volchok

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