Spring Party Themes Create Urgency!

We had such a good response to the Cash Flow Show A to Z Winter party theme ideas that I thought we should make a list of Spring party themes.

Party themes can be used to create a sense of urgency and to make every party a fun night out!

Spring Party Themes

A theme can be as simple as a food, costume or decor, or a more complicated change to your presentation.

Read a related post on the 2 different types of theme parties and the techniques on how to run them.


Some of the themes are just made up to fit the letter, others are actual Spring holidays, celebrated or not!

Planning Your Spring Theme Parties

Don’t feel like you need to have your themes on the exact day of the holiday…

I recommend one (or two maximum) themes per month. That way you get good at conducting your theme party and you can use it to generate interest leading up to it.

A limited-time-only theme will create a sense of urgency that often gets your hostess to pick a date!

  •  I Am in Control Day: This day was born on March 30, 1981 when Ronald Reagan was shot. In a statement at the time, then Secretary of State Alexander Haig said: “I am in control….” which was totally taken out of context and turned into a political uproar.  Now the day is used as a chance to get things in order and under control.
  • Jelly Bean Day: Celebrate this one after Easter and capitalize on the cheap colorful candy.
  • The Daffodil Ball: Take advantage of the American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days.  Everyone in attendance gets a bunch of daffodils from you.  It will encourage the host to get an early count and everyone will want to support Daffodil Days.
  • Lost Sock Memorial Party: This day recognizes your drawer full of unmatched socks. Ask all the guests to bring 2 different socks that lost their mates. Have fun making new pairs and everyone takes one home. This is a fun icebreaker that will get everyone laughing.
  • National Pretzels & Beer Day: Both of these national food and beverage days are celebrated in April. Similar to a wine and cheese party, only the focus is on beer. Make it a micro-brew party!
  • Planting Seeds: Spring is a time of planting seeds. Ask each guest to bring a seed packet to exchange and then build your theme on planting seeds for the future.  Read the related article on team meeting themes for more on the planting seeds topic.
  • National Quiche Lorraine Day: The official day is May 20th. Be creative!! It was the only Q I could think of!! LOL
  • Rubik’s Cube Party: Everyone, including you, should come dressed in as many different colored items (colors of the Rubik’s Cube) as possible. The goal is to swap clothing with other people until you are all wearing only one color. This is definitely a good way to force some social interaction.
  • Tax Break Party: What a perfect time to talk about saving money by reducing your tax liability with a home business!
  • Xtraterrestrial Abductions Day: Celebrated on March 20th, this is a day to keep one eye on the sky and be ready to duck, dodge, and hide. UFOs may be everywhere.
  • You Dressed Like That!!?? Have your guests come dressed as they would have dressed in high school.
  • Zodiac Sign – Everyone can dress as their star sign – or the star sign of the host.

Mix and match a couple of themes, think them through and make a plan.

Tell us your theme ideas in the comment section below!

NOW is the time to start marketing your Spring party themes so that your shows will be in high demand!!


    Shared by: Rebekah Gienapp:

    I’m getting a lot of interest in my “Girl Scout Cookies and Wine Tasting” theme. There are all kinds of articles on the internet about how to pair wines with varieties of cookies. Since Girl Scout Cookies are only available for a limited time, there is urgency built right in.

      Shared by: Deb Bixler:

      That is a terrific one, Rebekah! What a great idea to support a cause and also generate bookings!! Love it!

      Shared by: Christine Wilson:

      I love love love the girl Sout cookie idea , I’m going to definitely use that one!! Thanks Rebecca and thanks Deb!!!

    Shared by: Louise Parker:

    Cute ideas Deb, you have such interesting blog and I love the themes. We shared the winter ones with the team last fall and this a good list for spring. X sounds like it could really be fun!

    Shared by: Shelly:

    I love the Planting Seeds theme because the more seeds you plant the larger the Harvest will be!!!

    Shared by: Nicki Keohohou:

    What an adorable article, Deb!

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