Start A Referral Exchange Program

One of our 90+ ways to find direct sales bookings is to have a referral exchange program with other direct sales consultants in non-competitive companies by handing out each others’ mini-brochures.

A recent email on how exactly you trade referrals has prompted this blog post.

Like asking for referrals in general – you must think through and make a plan for referral trading with other consultants.

Give To Get Work At Home Referral Leads

You must give referrals in order to get referrals!

While having a referral exchange program may be counter intuitive for some, this business collaboration is a very powerful source of leads.
Rather than feeling worried over competition this type of collaboration multiplies your results. With 2 or more people working together you are squaring your results!

  • 2 people in collaboration get 4 times the results of 1
  • 3 people working together get 9 times the results of 1
  • 4 people working together get 16 times the results of 1

How To Set Up A Referral Exchange

Similar to many networking groups who hold luncheon groups for the purpose of supporting other members with referrals you can set up a group of distributors who are in non-competing product lines as a referral organization.

Like those groups you would not have more than one distributor from a given company or product line and you would create a list of rules that everyone in the group must agree to.

They really can be anything you want:

  • Have an arrangement of brochures at your party for complementary companies.
  • Use the collaborators’ mini-catalogs in your gift bags.
  • When you donate to bingo, fundraisers or other events you include their brochures
  • At a trade show you offer complementary services
  • Refer one specific person to another distributor once per month
  • Drop each others’ catalogs all over town

The referral trade systems can really be anything you want.

Don’t fear the competition, embrace it and leverage everyone’s efforts!!

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