Start A Welcome Wagon For Bookings

Linda Rennie, a 23 year Tupperware consultant, was our guest last night on the Cash Flow Show – Home Business Radio.

She shared her bookings tip on how to start a Welcome Wagon in your community.

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Start A Welcome Wagon

Living in rural New Brunswick, Canada, Linda has had to be creative in keeping her business solid for 23 years! Since there was no Welcome Wagon in Linda’s area she decided to create her own.

Linda watches home sales, new constructions and generally just maintains an awareness of the areas she travels. Once finding a new neighbor she drops in at their house with some cookies and a special product she selects from her direct sales product line.
You are always well-received when you bring cookies!! Read more about the law of reciprocity!!

She also brings a small booklet that she has hand-written with the important information a new neighbor may want or need about the community. The booklet includes her contact information as well as that of other direct sellers in the area and a couple of blank pages in the book for them to write in anything that may be of interest for them.

During her visit she points them to the community’s online resources, answers questions and basically just tries to relieve some of the moving stress of being new to the area.

Linda never asks for a booking or talks business. She lets them know that they can call with questions or if they need anything.

Linda Jane Rennie
The only time I mention my biz is when I give them their gift. I focus on them, not me, and they appreciate that I am not pushy!
Linda Jane Rennie, Tupperware

Before Linda leaves she invites them to coffee and many take her up on the invitation.

Starting a Welcome Wagon has been a great way for Linda to expand her community awareness and make new friends while keeping her business solid.


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    LOVE this idea!!!

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