Start Your Own TV Show: Tip #31

With the technology of today it is not that difficult to start your own TV show! I did it and so can YOU!

Whether you put your TV show on live TV or just on YouTube, it will improve your credibility and bring leads into your business.

The number one question that we are asked here at the Cash Flow Show is how to get bookings for home parties. Bookings tip #31 may seem like a stretch but it really works!

Don’t be afraid to try something new! Successful consultants always say: “How can I?” not “I can’t.”

How To Start Your Own TV Show

One of the easiest ways to start your own TV show is to buy a good quality, high definition camcorder with a tripod and set it up at your home party.

Once you have a video file you can either use it as is or invest in some editing software to cut and remove parts.

There is a wide variety of software to do basic editing and titling available for free or inexpensively. Alternately, you could hand your video over to a techie person and let them put some titles on it for you. (Sometimes it is better to enlist the pros!)

When you make a party plan video you can use it to hold video catalog shows, use it online and also expand your influence in the community!

Starting A TV Show For Leads

When I first started my TV show it was to find party plan leads. My goal was to become more well-known in my local community.

Now, 7 years later, there are 30 shows on the station’s shelf, and they continue to air randomly every week.  I am a celebrity in the community and cannot go anywhere without someone saying “I saw you on TV!”

Everyone knows who to call when they want healthy living or cooking classes.

Start TV Show On Community Access

Almost every decent-sized city has community access TV.

The purpose of community access TV is to give regular everyday people, members of the community, the ability to air their work. Call your local public access TV and ask them what it takes to submit a show.

  • What format do they want?
  • How long?
  • Advertising allowed? Yes or no?
  • Do they have a studio?
  • Do they offer training?
  • Are there any fees for airing show?
  • Are there a minimum number of shows required?

I started my TV career with absolutely no TV knowledge!

Many of these community TV stations have classes for beginner TV hosts and recording studios that you can use to create better quality shows.

In the studio you will learn the ins and outs of TV, editing and preparing video for broadcast.

Multitasking When You Start Your Own TV Show

Your TV shows can also be uploaded to YouTube!

Social media marketing a party plan business online is more than just Facebook, so create a MyFantasticCompany YouTube channel and multipurpose your shows online as well!

It is AMAZING how well this works!!!

The Now We’re Cooking TV shows broadcast to this day on White Rose Community access. They were recorded in a wide variety of technological levels of expertise. Some were recorded in a studio and look very professional while others are just a camera slapped up at a live performance.

You too can be a TV personality! Say it….

How can I do this!?

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