Summer Party Themes: A – Z List

Even though the temperature outside may be chilly, it is time to plan your Summer party themes. By request here are the A to Z seasonal party themes for Summer bookings.

The A – Z List Of Summer Party Themes

How you run the Summer party themes is really up to each individual consultant but personally I prefer not to change the demo but only to change the name, foods, decorations, music or games!

Now is the time to market your Summer theme parties!

Summer Theme Parties

Each theme party can really be set up any way you want! Be creative and don’t make it too complicated for you or the host!

The descriptions below can be used without switching out your products or show presentation order.

  • ABC Party: Anything But Cups

This can be fun! Ask the hostess to NOT provide any cups. Have her tell each guest when she does her reminder calls (3-4 days before event) to tell everyone to bring a beverage vessel – anything but cups! No beverage container – nothing to drink for you!

You can promote the event ahead of time by title but don’t tell them to bring their own drinking ‘cup’ until the reminder phone call. This will give the hostess a good reason to make those calls!

  • Dog Dayz

Bring your dog if s/he can handle it and laze around outside with us as we learn about MyFantasticCompany’s awesome products!! Better than going to the dog park!

  • Hawaiian Hullabaloo

Offer a special award for the best Hawaiian shirt and play a little luau  music and this theme is covered!!
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  • Ice Cream Social

You or the hostess provides the ice cream and chocolate sauce then each guest brings their favorite topping. Ask everyone to be creative!

Tell them you have the chocolate sauce already and want to see if they could bring something that they do not expect anyone else will bring.

  • Journeys Around The Globe

Ask your guests to bring a few pictures from one of their favorite vacations. Set up a table and have them displayed. When you do the introductions at the beginning of the show have each guest briefly tell where they went and what was their favorite part.

You should bring pictures from your recent incentive trip and use them as a segue to discussing the business opportunity.

This theme is a great way to share about the benefits of free travel with your audience several times since most likely some guests brought vacation pictures from past incentive trips.

Was that a paid vacation or a paid for vacation?

  • Knights And Princesses

This is a party for couples! Whether you ask for attire or a dressed theme is up to you. I used the title to offer a couples party so the guys would come. Tell the ladies to bring their knights in shining armor!

Couples parties can be higher sales if done right since the guys fall in love with the products and the ladies are not worried about spending too much since their knight is right there!

  • Pool Party USA

As simple as this sounds it can be a great time. Around the world people of other nationalities often try to emulate the US pool party with RWB decor, cups and US foods. Ask the guests to bring something or dress in a way that is totally over the top patriotic for this theme!

If your products are made in the USA it is a perfect time to brag about that!

  • Wild West

Just ask everyone to dress for the old West. Anything goes, a cowboy hat, a six gun, boots…
Won’t we be a funny looking group?!

Pick a couple of Summer theme parties and start promoting them now!

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