Host Tailgate Parties: Tip #44

Spring and Summer are times of socializing around sports events but that does not mean you need to leave your business at home!

It is simple to host impromptu tailgate parties for business!

#44 of the direct sales booking tips is to host your own tailgating parties at sports events or other outdoor activities.

Actually, tailgate parties were the very beginning of direct sales!

Tailgate Parties For Business

When planning your tailgate party think about how your products, opportunities and services can serve the needs of the sport or activity.

  • Most kids’ sports teams need money so a fundraising show may be the way to go.

A fundraising event will benefit the team and give you summer sales.  Whether you plan to hold your fundraiser tailgate party at a practice or the actual team event, others will definitely support it and come over to check it out.

When you stage your own fundraising tailgate party you are sure to meet Moms whose kids are in other events too. One party will get you more parties!

  • Your products may enhance the event.

Scrapbooking with images of the day or team. Creating a bag that has keepsakes of the season. Serving up lemonade in your favorite pitcher. Kids’ monogrammed backpacks may be a great one.

What products do you have that can be part of the event?

  • Entertainment during practice is a good one too!

A fun event that entertains Mom may be a needed break from the routine of practice.  Think of a fun theme and promote it the practice before!

  • Create a theme show – there are hundreds!

It’s a hot day but let’s turn lemons into lemonade, join me for a cool one!

  • Campgrounds are often looking for guest entertainment.

Whether it be a tailgating fundraiser or just a get-together for the other campers this is a fun way to meet new people. Ask your campground’s manager if they can use your theme or expertise as a fun event for the campers.

  • Free gifts – a great theme party in itself!

Everyone loves free gifts! When you offer free snacks (and/or products) people will show up!

How To Plan Your Tailgate Party

Your tailgate parties should be a little different for each sport or type of event.

Think about your audience and customize your tailgate party.

  • What is your theme?
  • Are you raising money?
  • What is your goal?
  • How can you add value to the attendees?
  • How are you going to promote it?
  • When are you promoting it?
  • Chairs? Table? Snacks?
  • Don’t forget to gather leads!

A prize drawing is essential!

When everyone has fun and you give them something for free, then use a lead gathering prize drawing slip, you WILL get bookings (and of course sales too).

Once you do a few tailgate parties you will find it gets easier.

Load the mini-van, throw open the tailgate, gather your audience, keep it simple and focus on service!!

Have a GREAT Summer!

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