Take Your Kids To Work And Get Bookings

When you take your kids to work – take your kids to your home parties…. you will get more bookings!!

We have tons of of party plan booking ideas on the site for getting more bookings at every party and this is one that serves many purposes!

When you take your kids to work with you will get more bookings.

Take Your Kids To Work

When people connect emotionally at a party, regardless of whether they are connecting with the product, you personally or your child, bookings go UP!

My nieces and nephews went to parties with me often.  They loved it, the hosts loved it and the guests LOVED it!Take-Your-Kids-To-Work

These kids are in their teens now and are almost grown up but they often mention the good times they had going to home parties with Aunt Debbie!

Talk about multitasking… Take your kids to your home parties with you and many things happen!

  • You are not sticking them with a babysitter.
  • They see you engaging and they develop social skills.
  • When kids come to home parties they learn work ethics.
  • Your child will help you with the chores involved at a party.
  • The guests LOVE it!
  • You get more bookings!
  • Sales go up!
  • You have quality time with the kids and still earn money.
  • The kids remember it all their lives!

There is nothing cuter than a child at your home party.

Don’t wait for take your kids to work day….

When you take your children to your home parties, just like the those TV commercials with kids, you will sell more and get more bookings!

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