Schedule A Teachers Party

Creative direct sales booking idea #20 is to schedule an end of the year after school teachers’ celebration party.

Depending on what part of the world you live in, school is now either just starting or just ending…..

Either way it is the perfect time to think about who you know in the school system because this bookings technique definitely requires a connection. Now is the time to start asking about the after school teachers party which takes place the last week of school.

teachers partyAt the school a ‘Honor Friends Who Celebrate Over The Summer’ show you are actually presenting a home show at the school.

In schools they always have celebrations for birthdays, weddings, bridal showers and new babies, but what about the unlucky teachers who celebrate in the Summer!?

The idea/goal is that all the different school cliques are coming as separate groups to honor different friends who celebrate something in the Summer months.  Some may be getting married, others may be having a birthday and even a baby shower.

It may have to be modified or abbreviated as teachers are normally in somewhat of a hurry after school and especially toward the end of the school year.

Teachers After School Party

For the teachers’ after school party you bring a quick beverage and snacks and do a show for the group at the appointed time.

Pick a time that is appropriate for them to come right from the last class.  Be sure to start on time –  as I mentioned, they are in a hurry. The most important ones are those who are on time!

They can buy for themselves and for their friends.

Normally, you need to pre-think the delivery/order taking system depending on the school activities over the summer and your company’s delivery techniques.

I used to allow each guest to use one order form. I would have a separate paper for my reference with the names of all the honorees and have each guest circle and write the name after the item they ordered on their form, which was to go to one of the Summer Celebration-ists.

Most often what I did after the event was then group up the orders for the honorees onto one order and have that shipped to them. In my case I absorbed the special shipping costs only for the honorees. I then gave each guest the option of having their personal order direct shipped to them or to have it picked up at the school in the Fall.

The beauty of the school teachers’ party is that once you get one, you will have it every year in the future. The extra effort pays off!

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