Use Tear Off Flyers & Find Bookings!

At a recent conference that I was speaking at one of the leaders shared with me a bookings tip that she has had great success with.

I just added this one to the page of now over 90 direct sales bookings ideas.

Tear Off Flyers

This proactive distributor found a local bar that had a weekly women’s night.

The bar provided a free drink for women on the designated night and she put up flyers with pull off tabs to call or text for a free sample of hydrating cream.
tear off flyer
I made this tear off flyer in about 5 minutes using an online tear off flyer creator at Jukebox.

The posters were hung around the tavern in various locations every Tuesday and the calls started rolling in.

The campaign generated new product users and BOOKINGS because of course you always go for the upsell….

I have a free sample for you and wondered if you would you rather receive $130 for free by inviting a few friends in for a full demo in addition to a larger gift?

On a weekly basis she was reaching new customers and hostesses outside her existing data base.

The women loved the products and freebies so much that the tavern owner invited her to set up a small table each week and attend ladies night in a vendor style presence, thus eliminating the logistics of sample delivery.

Pull Tab Marketing

Think about this concept….

How could you apply it to your business and product line?

What other types of locations may benefit from this approach of a grab it flier?

What product in your product line would work in this application?

Who do you know that you can offer this service to?

Please Share Your Tear Off Flyer Idea In The Comment Section Below!


    Shared by: Norma:

    I so love this idea but my business is jewelry so we do not have samples to give out. Any ideas on other things I could use that would still entice women? I find saying free shipping, or free trinket, etc. does not work. Thanks so much!

    Shared by: Deb Bixler:

    Thanks for sharing Kathy – Great idea to get them to try the product for a day~

    Shared by: kathy hill:

    I just joined a new company that provides shapewear and other clothing. We are being challenged to get women to try our cami for a day. I am going to use your flyer idea to promote this. My flyer will say :

    Introducing RUBY RIBBON, a revolutionary brand of clothing and shape wear! Do you hate wearing a bra? So do more than 33 MILLION women in the United States!! Our bra-replacing CAMIs are the best on the market! Do you want to be part of Ruby Ribbon’s “Bye Bye Bra” movement? Contact me TODAY to take the Cami Challenge and try one of our incredible camis for FREE!

    Shared by: kathy hill:

    you could put a flyer up in community centers or in apartment complexes

    love this idea thanks for sharing!

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