Thank You For Coming To Our Party = Bookings

A simple system of calling your guests a few days after each party to say ‘thank you for coming’ will bring you more bookings than you can imagine!thank you for coming
Did you know that 20% of those who receive a call from the consultant saying ‘thank you for coming to our event’ will book home parties?!

Thank You For Coming Phone Calls

According to Belinda Ellsworth, when you call your guests 24 – 48 hours after the party, the statistics indicate that 20% will book a party.

Just say:

“I am just calling to say thank you for coming to Mary’s party! I hope that you had as much fun as I did! Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Do not ask for a booking or an add-on sale. Just say thank you! I appreciate that you came!

If they say no then that is it…. done!

30% of those you call will either:

  1. Ask if they can add to their order.
  2. Schedule a party!

If you wait more than 2 days they will not remember the fun or what they wanted but did not buy so the calls will be fruitless!

Remember that you are calling to say thank you, not to get bookings, so don’t push it!

If they say there is nothing else you can do for them then just say:

“Thank you again and please call if I can ever be of any service in the future. I hope to see you again some time.”

Just say thank you unless the guest gives you that window to offer more!

Make it a big impact habit to do 2-3 thank you calls daily and your bookings and party sales will benefit!


    Shared by: Belinda Yost:

    This is so simple but missed, I will implement

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