Advertise In The Bulletin Newspaper

#51 of our direct sales bookings ideas is to place an ad in your local merchant bulletin or community newspapers.

You may say that print advertising is old school and will not generate any worthwhile business but I do not agree!

I saw this ad in my local paper and reached out to Lisa!

The Bulletin Newspaper

“I love any opportunity to share Scentsy.┬áBranding yourself and your business every possible way is the key to success!!!

I don’t have numbers per se in regard to my results for the ads in the local paper….

I do receive recognition from people who say different things like “hey I saw your ad” and I do get calls for a catalog and orders.”

Lisa Brubeck, The Scentsy Family

The Bulletin Newspaper Will Not Fill Your Calendar!

Like many of our other tips for filling your calendar, the local merchant newspapers cannot be your only form of marketing but when you fill your sales funnel with a wide variety of lead systems you will never hurt for business.

Call the bulletin newspaper in your area and make a plan to advertise in every issue. I’ll bet they have a special rate for annual or multiple issue advertisers, so be sure to ask!

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