The Million Dollar Party Girl

The Million Dollar Party Girl, Lynn Bardowski, says don’t depend on your friends and family for parties and business support.

Get out of your friends and family circle as quickly as possible. People whom you do not know will be more supportive to you in your home business than people you know.

Listen to the 1st set with Lynn Bardowski on the radio here or go to the show page to listen to the full broadcast.

The Million Dollar Party Girl

Lynn Bardowski, known as the Million Dollar Party Girl, and Deb Bixler have a lot in common! Both quit a corporate job and quickly became success stories in their companies. Their success is attributed to similar techniques.

Million Dollar Party Girl

The show features unique booking ideas from Lynn such as the fishbowl concept and using public prize drawings for lead generation. When she first joined her party plan company, she became a member of a women’s gym and did a raffle for a free candle.

One free candle was awarded but she called everyone who entered and booked 7 parties! That was a great start!

Another concept that both Deb and Lynn used to launch their businesses quickly was to offer yourself to groups and clubs as a featured speaker and entertainment.  That technique brings more people into your life.

Just like in the corporate world, the more people you talk to the more yeses you will get. More people in your life = more friends = more yeses!!

Lynn Bardowski, Million $ Party Girl

In 1989 Lynn was invited to a Party Lite party and then quickly transitioned from the corporate world to become a top leader.

Over the next 27 years she mentored thousands of distributors and now teaches direct sales reps in all companies how to do the same! Visit her website!


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