Tip #17: Hold A Transition Party

All direct selling companies have a new catalog annually, bi-annually or quarterly, so why not have a transition party!?

I always called it a Practice Show…. practice the new catalog, but Debbie Thomas takes it a step further and actually opens her new products AT the Transition Show! FUN!

Debbie Thomas is a Scentsy Family consultant who offers the Scentsy product line and also the Grace Adele products. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We just added the booking tip ‘Hold A Transition Party” to the list of direct sales booking ideas.

Now we have 80+ ways to find bookings! Thanks, Debbie for sharing!

Transition Parties By Debbie Thomas!

transition partyThat’s my new name for a new idea!

Grace Adele consultants are allowed to purchase a “Transition Kit” each year at season change.

The kit has pretty much one of everything that is in the new catalog.

I love to hold transition parties on the day my transition kit comes in.

I do not dare open it before I go… that is hard to do!
I put it directly into my car so I wouldn’t be tempted…it was only 2 hours before I got to see what was in it too…

Don’t you love when your new products come in!?

Once at the party and with the guests having arrived, I have the box sitting there and we announced that it was THEY who would be opening the box this evening to get in on the excitement of what’s NEW!

(Some can hardly wait, and say to do it NOW and too bad for the latecomers.) LOL

It might be a good idea to tell Hostesses to let Guests know what we are doing and for them to try to make it on time!

I sit back “like Mom on Christmas morning” to watch the excitement!

Usually the hostess tears open the box, and starts handing things to her guests to open the packaging…… I tell ya, it is super fun, and exciting for all.

A Grand Opening For The New Catalog!

Now I have started to do this every time a new catalog comes out…. what a grand opening!

Call your Hostesses up to see who wants to book your “Transition Party”

Show the new catalog around and start getting orders NOW to place your FIRST order after that first show of the new season.

Book your Transition party about the end of the second week to the third week.

When your order comes in, plan to NOT OPEN it until you go to your party! Only take what’s in the box!

You can host a Transition Party at your own house or that of a friend!

Don’t forget to take your labels and have everyone help you put the labels on the new books right then and there.

Debbie ThomasThis is a great recruiting tool as well! Think of the excitement! Who wouldn’t want to be a consultant!?

If you can think of other ideas on this, please comment!

Have A Happy & Exciting Transition Time Everyone!  Debbie
This article first appeared in Debbie Thomas‘s Scentsy group.

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    Shared by: Barbara:

    What a terrific idea! Thank-you so much for sharing! Wishing you an awesome day in every way and continued success.

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