Make A Traveling Office Billboard!

We always hear that you can work this business everywhere you go but how many direct sellers have actually set up a traveling office?

If you have an office to grab and run does it include your open for business sign?

Direct sales bookings idea #77 is to use your traveling office as a marketing tool.

A Traveling Office

Your traveling office should be easy to grab without a thought, include things that can be done in pockets of time and also market your business.

What should a traveling office look like?

traveling office

A traveling office should include:

  • A laptop or a tablet
  • Fully charged and with a power cable
  • A list of work that can be done in pockets of time
  • The files that go with the list
  • Routine tasks that are never done
  • A billboard for your business!

take office everywhereTurning your traveling office into a billboard to market your business can be as simple as a decal or two on the back of your tablet or laptop, a file folder with big logo stickers to slap down on the table while you work or a carrying bag that says you are in business!

Grab The Office On The Run!

Make a place in your office where you can keep a running list as well as the necessary paper work and the tech needs.

Create a small bag that is easy to grab on the run and light enough to carry even when you do not expect to have spare time to set up office.

Get in the habit of taking it everywhere you go and  use every unexpected moment of free time to work and show those around you that you are in business!

Open the office in waiting rooms, when waiting for the kids at the bus or at the mall….

Some of my favorite things to keep in the traveling office are hostess coaching post cards.

These are printed cards that actually get mailed to the host but I always like to add a hand-written personal note.

The job is never done!

I used to keep a stack of all three coaching cards with me at all times and just add the personal touch to all of them when I found a pocket of time at the doctor’s office.
Another great on the run activity is writing articles.

Whether you blog or write newsletters for your team and customers the job is ongoing and never done.

A few minutes waiting for your car can finish up the next article or newsletter!

I prefer a laptop but a tablet or even a cell works too… just type up an email to yourself and send it off.

It will be in your home computer when you get back to the office.

Bookings Out And About

When you have a routine of using the small pockets of time that you find when out and about you will find bookings as well as get more done.

home office travel advice

Be sure that you put up your open for business sign!!

When you advertise your business by taking your traveling office everywhere you go you WILL get bookings!

Share in the comments how you benefited from bringing your office on the road with you, please!


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