7 Types Of Leads You Meet At Expos

Business expos will keep your business solid! Guaranteed!!

It is important to qualify leads at the event.  By sifting through the types of leads you meet at trade shows you will maximize your trade show follow up!

Types Of Leads At Trade Shows

  1. Sticker People – These are the attendees that want to win every free item in the event. They won’t talk to you, they will only run in and stick a sticker on your prize drawing!  They don’t all use stickers… some will actually have a conversation just to get whatever it is you may be giving away for free.  Try to qualify them with questions and if they won’t engage then bless and release!

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  3. The Expert In All Fields – There are people who may know more about your products or the industry than you do and they are not afraid to tell you so. They may ask questions in an effort to stump you or test you.  If you don’t know the answer don’t be flustered… just ask them to fill out your prize drawing slip and you will call them with the answer.  These could be great customers or distributors… they may in fact be a #7 as well, the ideal customer!
  4. The New Attendee – The first time a person attends a trade show they are often excited to talk to everyone but might also be nervous or overwhelmed. Qualifying a newbie is essential because they usually chat it up with everyone and may not be willing to move on! Don’t let one person monopolize your time as the ideal client may be walking by. Learn how to qualify and sweep!
  5. The Always Selling Salesperson – It doesn’t matter where they go, the salesperson will do what they do best- they will be trying to sell you something (even if they’re just attending). The best way to deal with them is using the 10 second rule. Pay attention to their tactics and you may learn something but be ready to move them on if they become a distraction.
  6. The Me, Me, Me – We all know the “it is all about me” types of people. They will tell you their life story if you let them! Your time is valuable and if they don’t seem like a good fit for your services, they might be taking your time away from other clients who would be interested in talking to you. If you don’t know how to get them to leave, simply say, “It was great talking to you, here is a catalog… ” (or something along those lines). Hopefully they take the hint!
  7. The Social Media Guru – When the SM addict is in your booth USE her/him!! Chances are they are blow by blow reporting on their activities. Do a selfie, tell them your name and ask for a tag, then later go follow them and continue to converse! Chances are they will put you in front of a lot of new people!
  8. The Green Lead – I call the ideal client a green lead because they have given you a green light to follow up and you had better do so within 48 hours!! This is why we are at the event in the first place. Any of the other lead types at a vendor event could be the ideal client too! When you qualify your leads and stay focused on them, you will know this person and they will genuinely be interested in talking to you again!

Being able to sort people out and qualify them allows you to differentiate between the different types of leads at a vendor event and determines your overall success!

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