Set Up At Vendor Fairs Every Month!

Booking Tip #8 on our ever growing list of direct sales booking ideas is to set up at a vendor event every single month!

As a matter of fact you should really go to vendor events twice a month!

  • Go once per month as a guest.
  • Go once a month as a vendor.

If I had to pick only 1 single thing that was the “secret” to my being able to quit my full time job within 9 months of starting a home party business it would be the fact that I went to vendor fairs regularly.

When you go to vendor events on a monthly basis, you will never wonder where to find direct selling business leads again!

Direct Sales & Vendor Events

All direct sales consultants should go to vendor events on a regular basis.
Vender Fairs
At the events you will be able to develop your networking skills, find business and train your team!

Really it is multitasking at its finest!

This information is covered in the Power Up For Professional Results direct sales and marketing program and also available as a stand alone step by step trade show training guide.


Work Your Booth At Vendor Fairs

It is important that you take your day seriously!  Your booth setup and your attitude will determine your results.

Take the time to plan your booth, your handouts, and prize drawing.

When you learn how to qualify leads at the event, the day will be worth your time!

Take your team and they will learn from listening to you!

It is a great way to train new consultants and becomes a recruiting tool as well.
vendor fairs
When you take your team to an event every month, you can tell new potentials who are concerned about finding business that you have a proven training system to help them with this issue.

They do not have to worry about not having the support of family and friends because you take all new consultants to vendor fairs each month!

How To Find Local Vendor Fairs

The easiest way to figure out if a fair, expo or vendor event will be a good use of your time is to go this year as a guest and check it out. If you like what you learn, then get on their list for next year.

When you go to a local vendor event as a guest you will accomplish several things but mostly you will learn which events are good ones to pay for and go as a vendor next year!

Read booking tip #8 for more on why you should be going to vendor events as a guest.

It is a very affordable investment, as often these events are free or very small entrance fees. Next time you are glancing at your newspaper and see a local vendor event, just go and check it out!

It is important that all direct selling business consultants put a few systems into place that will bring in a continuous supply of leads.

Vendor Fairs will keep your direct selling business solid.

No business can depend only on friends and family to create an income. When you go to vendor fairs twice per month you will find an unlimited supply of leads for your business.

  • Go to one event each month as a guest and network with the vendors.
  • Go to one event each month as a vendor and network with the guests.

This simple system will keep your calendar FULL!

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