Go To Trade Shows As A Guest To Network With Vendors

Bookings Tip #8 is one of the best  direct sales booking ideas on the list!

Go to vendor events as a guest and network with the vendors.

Not only does this work and work well but it is cheap! A lot cheaper than going to a vendor event as a vendor!

Go To Vendor Events As A Guest

tasteful treasuresThe vendors at a vendor event are there waiting to talk to the guests.

Shannon Zutell Machen of Tasteful Treasures is at a vendor event just waiting for YOU to walk up to her table and talk.

When you go to a vendor event as a guest, you have a built-in audience just waiting for you to walk up to them and start talking!
They are a willing and waiting networking opportunity!

It Is Simple!

When you network with vendors it is simple to turn the conversation to your business.

  • Go up to the table and let the vendor do their thing.
  • You always answer questions or talk in 10 seconds or less and always end in a question.
  • Wait for the right moment and say “How is this expo?  I was thinking of bringing my business to it next year. Is this vendor event a good one?”

That simple conversation will prompt them to say: “What kind of business do you have?”

After that is just a regular conversation practicing the 10 second rule and the secret to more yeses.

Going to vendor events as a guest will give you leads and it will also give you a better understanding which events are worth your time and money to go as a vendor.

Guaranteed Leads When You Network With Vendors

This system of finding leads at exhibitor events is guaranteed to work!

Do it a few times and you will get better and better at determining which types of booths to approach and what to say to develop relationships.

You will meet lots of new business owners to collaborate with and find leads for future business!

Invest $2 or $10 and an afternoon once a month in going to vendor events as a guest and watch your business grow!

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