Welcome New Neighbors Basket

Sometimes the old school techniques for meeting new people work the best!

Almost all areas have a “Welcome Wagon” or similar organization that welcomes new neighbors into the area. (It is not usually called that any more but most communities have one.)

As our ongoing training the direct sales bookings tip #71 is for you to hook up with the local welcome group and put something in their basket to welcome new neighbors into the area.

Welcome New Neighbors

While there are online groups that do things similar to what the “Welcome Wagon” does, this organization actually visits the home owners to welcome the new neighbors just like in the old days.
Welcome New Neighbors

With a basket or gift bag in hand they sit down, visit and develop relationships with the new residents. Frequently they go over the contents of the welcome basket and help them with questions about local services.

There are 2 ways to use the welcome wagon for business:

  1. Become a volunteer and actually be the person that visits the house.
  2. Be a sponsor of the welcome basket.

The gifts given to the new community members are provided by sponsors. For a small fee your gift is included in the gift basket.

At the end of each month you are given a list with contact information of all the people the welcome crew visited on your behalf.

What To Put In Welcome Basket?

Think carefully about what you would like to put into the gift basket. Think about these points:

  • Most likely they will require 30-40 per month so price is important.
  • A gift means that you should provide value even if they do not buy or contact you.
  • How can you include a call to action?
  • What can you do to make yours stand out from the others?
  • Professionalism is key!

I am sure you have something in your product line that will work!

I used to give a small paper cookbook along with a gift certificate for a free product when they hosted a show.

Involve The Whole Team In Welcoming New Neighbors

The best part of this bookings outreach strategy is that you can involve your whole team.

As a leader you can organize the gifts, coordinate the activities with the organization and then ‘sell’ the leads to your team at the investment you paid to the welcome organization.

Put your contact info on the gift so that if the client calls they reach you and the team member will reference your name on the follow up call.

Create a follow up script for them to use so that they have the best word choices to use when making the calls.

Script To Follow Up On Welcoming New Neighbors

direct sales scripts
Start by referencing the Welcome Wagon and also you, the team leader followed by a heartfelt WELCOME!

Hi Lisa, this is Deb with the MyFantasticCompany following up on your visit from the Welcome Wagon.

Welcome to MyCommunityName!

Lisa asked me to give you a call to see if you have any questions.  Do you have a minute?

The script should continue by keeping the focus on the new neighbor’s experiences and needs as she or he gets acclimated to the community.

As the conversation continues the follow up call should also reference the free gift and the opportunity to have a ‘get to know the neighbors’ party.

Old school? Yes, but it works to find bookings!!

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