Winter Party Theme Ideas

Everyone can book a year round business when they put their mind to it.

A Winter party theme will make your shows more interesting.

A theme party does not always mean that you need to change your routine. Sometimes it is a simple as changing the food, decor or beverages.

Read a related post on the 2 different types of theme parties and the techniques on how to run them.

I used to offer themes only in January as a tool to keep January full. My normal routine was to pick 3 Winter party themes and all January hosts had a choice.

Sometimes offering a new theme party each month will create a sense of urgency. There are 100s of theme ideas that you can use in party plan.
Click the image or this link to download the A – Z theme image in full size.

Winter Party Theme Ideas

The A-Z Winter party themes list was created off the cuff over the past few days and are just my thoughts on the many different ideas you can use to create a fun party during the not-always-so-fun Winter months.

I have not pre-thought about how to run all the different ideas listed above so please share your creativity…..

Here are a few examples:Snowman

  • Aussie – Oy, Oy, Oy: Australian Day is in January so why not commemorate the first European settlers in Australia?
  • Eat A Snow Man Party: This is one of my own and it will definitely create curiosity. You can eat a snowman by making apples dipped in white chocolate to look like snowmen or a cheese ball which is what I do.
  • Great Pumpkin Exchange: This can be anything you want… bring your weirdest pumpkin in early November or your pumpkin dish with recipe later in the year.
  • Holiday Cocktail Swap: Come to the party with your favorite mixed drink ingredients and recipe. Bring something exotic and get a special prize.
  • Indoor Snowball Fight: Make tissue paper snowballs by wadding up one piece of tissue paper per ball. Make a big box and divide the room into teams.
  • Mexican Fiesta: This one is all about the food, attire and beverages.
  • Opposite Party: Usually, a person would say, “After this phrase is over, it will officially be opposite day,” and then Opposite Day will be officially started. Everything is opposite of what is said or perceived.
  • Pajama Party: I used to do this theme somewhat frequently. It is really funny because no one arrives in PJs but when they leave everyone drives home in their pajamas!
  • EX-Husband Or Wife Party: Use your creativity here but for sure if they bring the EX they get a prize!!
  • Wear Your Zebra Stripes: This is a black and white theme of course!

Winter Theme Party Ideas

As you can see there is no end to Winter party themes so be creative and have some fun! Your guests will too and that can only mean more BOOKINGS!

Share your Winter party theme ideas in the comments!


    Shared by: Linda Rennie:

    You also mentioned you are looking for suggestions for future shows.
    I would like to suggest running the business as a professional. Too many join and then leave a short time later, and there are 4 main reasons why.
    And what the upline should be doing to support their downline- it’s not up to Customer Care and the computer to train and support the downline.

    Shared by: Linda Rennie:

    Looking for the 81 Themes you mentioned in the Dec 6th RadioShow. Found the one for Winter- he alphabet one.

    Thank you for the great shows. I love listening 2 and 3 times, as there is always a time I can devote to you.

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